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  1. updated beta version is out. check the first post for the download link. basically it's a bugfix version and some changed sprites.
  2. Updates: - i decided to scrap the jetpack and reimplement the UACRV* from the early versions of the mod. This time it will be a new player class rather than just a summonable "weapon". º This new class cannot pickup and/or use any other weapons aside from the starting one. I will give this starting weapon infinite ammo and an alternate fire mode. º Using the IDKFA/IDFA cheats, as well as the "give weapons" console command will no longer give all the weapons as i used the +CHEATNOTWEAPON flag on most of the weapons. I had to do this because i could still use the other weapons when using the codes while playing as the ship. * stands for UAC Reconaissance Vehicle. Uses a modified Recon Car sprite from Duke Nukem 3D and the cockpit from Battlecruiser 3000AD. (the ship's cockpit is the only good thing about this game.)
  3. Updated bugfix version is up now! see the first post for the download link!
  4. Updates: - You'll no longer take friendly fire from the allied marines.
  5. Updates: - Remade the fists and added some new attacks. - New crosshair added. does anyone else have found any issues or something that could be improved? i just want to know.
  6. Updates: - One more bug fixed - Remade the Fusion Cannon projectile and the RPG-8 hud weapon sprites. They should look much better now!
  7. run towards a wall and press the jump key. may be tricky at first, but it should be easy once you practice this a lot. some good maps to practice this are: Doom 2: -Map 20 -Map 31 and 32 -Map 15 Ultimate Doom: -E2M8 -E1M4 -E4M3 -E3M1/E3M9 don't forget to bind the key you want to use for Jump + Walljump. by default it's the Space Bar.
  8. where can i find better graphics for the giant BFG ball?
  9. the jetpack is a pretty rare weapon. it "replaces" the invulnerability sphere.
  10. Mod Updates: - Two more little bugs fixed. - Added new ammo and medkit pickups
  11. Mod Updates: - Remade the fullscreen HUD and the Desert Eagles sprites. they should look much better now. - The Katana alt-fire splash bug has been fixed. - added a new teleporter fog.
  12. Mod Title: DuduKrazy's Guns III Source Port: GZDoom (May work on ZDoom as well.) Project Completion Status: About 90 - 95% Description: DuduKrazy's Guns III, as the name obviously suggests, is the third installment on the DuduCrazy's Guns weapon mod series. (fourth if you count DuduCrazy's Guns SE) The mod is heavily inspired by the japanese culture, as well as some games like Shadow Warrior, the Shinobi series (16-bit era), etc. Features: - 15 New weapons, ranging from traditional ninja weaponry to modern and futuristic ones. - Two new HUDs: A Doom tech demo-like helmet hud, and a new fullscreen HUD. - New Powerups like the Ninja Scroll and the Time Stop Device. - ACS scripts that should work with any Doom level. - Better gibs and decals from the Nashgore mod - Allied marines spawnable at any time with a new inventory item: the Teleporter Beacon. - A few other GZDoom exclusive eye-candy like dynamic lights and texture glow - Walljumping. (Press the space bar while running towards a wall) - And more More details at http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=17889 Watch the early version trailer and the new teaser trailer at youtube.com/dudukrazy Public Beta Download Link here: http://rapidshare.com/files/132503228/Le-guns3.rar.html (The link is updated often!)
  13. where i can find a good program to modify and compile the source code? and where i can learn about programming? (ex: a website with tutorials, a .PDF document, etc.) also, i decided to call the source port, LEdoom. (LE stands for the initials of my first name.)
  14. i downloaded the doom source code yesterday, but i need some help. which program i should use to modify and compile the source code? my basic concept is to create a combination of Zdoom with Jdoom. this means that you'll have all the zdoom features, plus the Jdoom features. also, i want to make zdoom and jdoom levels compatible with my port. so, you could play zdoom or jdoom levels in my port. what do you guys think of my idea?
  15. my favorite weapons are the shotgun and the plasma gun. the shotgun because it's a beautiful and powerful weapon. and the plasma rifle because it kills almost every enemy in about 30 seconds.