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  1. Nekr0s1s

    How controversial can wads get?

    sometimes you don't even have to say anything in your mods. people will create drama over some easter egg. remember the crucified Lara from the Ascension mod.
  2. why don't you come to Brazil? we got lots of bananas. :D
  3. Nekr0s1s

    XIII Classic is free on GOG right now

    To anyone about to claim the game, here's another heads up: they've placed some lame terms and conditions on the giveaway. If you do it, you'll be letting them send ads to your e-mail ("marketing communication" in PR speak).
  4. Nekr0s1s

    Does no one get excited for movies anymore?

    and what about the people who want to dictate what's cool and what's not, to the point of "cancelling out" those who don't agree with their views?
  5. Nekr0s1s

    Does no one get excited for movies anymore?

    You really had to look for political messages to get anything. It's not like nowadays where the messages are shoved down your throat. It's getting well into propaganda territory. Mark my words, there IS more politics now in movies than before because those liberals want to indoctrinate people by any and every means necessary. We are fighting an invisible war, a Second Cold War. HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD!
  6. Nekr0s1s

    Does no one get excited for movies anymore?

    until all liberals and their politically correctness propaganda are annihilated, i will never watch another newer movie again. i want to escape this shitty reality, not be reminded of it. R.I.P. Hollywood 19XX - 20XX
  7. care to explain me why? assuming there is no such thing as a next to kin.
  8. what could possibly be wrong about adding wads from dead authors? will he drag the legal team's feet at night and haunt them till the cows go home or something?
  9. Nekr0s1s

    303 sucks

    the synthesizer that defined techno music. (if i recally correctly.)
  10. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Need For Speed World (Soapbox Race World, Freeroam Spark Server)
  11. I will be moving to a new apartment next year and my mind is getting full of ideas as to how each room should look like.* i'd like my new bedroom to be like a cross between a bedroom and a roadside bar. i'd love to either apply a wallpaper or tile the walls with something resembling rusty wood. what usually goes nice with this kind of texture? *i have no kids to worry about. it's just me and my brother. also, it's a small apartment, so i can only do so much and still have some room left to walk around without clutter.
  12. Nekr0s1s

    Top 5 Metal/Rock albums?

    1. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory 2. Alice In Chains - Dirt 3. KMFDM - Nihil 4. Rammstein - Mutter 5. Dir En Grey - Withering To Death