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Everything posted by Nekr0s1s

  1. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Grid 2. (i'm well into WSR season 4 and i'm finally getting my hands on some lightweight cars like the Ariel Atom, a Caterham model that i don't remember right now, and the BAC Mono)
  2. Nekr0s1s

    unpopular retro opinions

    I never liked the first three games. (First and Second Encounter and Serious Sam 2) the very first thing that turned me off was the conflicting art styles: it can't decide if it wants to be cartoony or realistic. BFE, on the other hand, settles this question once and for all, hence it's the only game in the series i actually like.
  3. Nekr0s1s

    unpopular retro opinions

    - i really love Quake II and i wish people made more maps and mods for it. - i recently played Need For Speed: Underground and i'm glad i skipped it back in the day. the environments have little (if any) variety, the opponent catch-up system is annoying, and i hate the hip-hop tracks that play in the menu. The sequel is so much better, i still play it to this day. - Blood II isn't that bad. it just needs some fixes and rebalancing.
  4. Nekr0s1s

    Most recent TV series you saw

    - Knightfall (season 1), but only up until the third or fourth episode. i thought it was like the movie 300, but with Templars instead of Spartans. - Atypical (seasons 1 and 2) Pretty nice for the most part, but after witnessing the gender politics shoehorning at the end of season 2, i give up.
  5. Nekr0s1s

    Good PC gaming websites

    Do you know of any good PC gaming-centered websites? I used to read stuff on PC Gamer a lot, but it seems like they've putting too much articles that don't have much to do with PC games at all. Then i moved on to Dark Side of Gaming, but it's got their own set of issues; lack of variety when it comes to news and other articles, as well as extremely toxic comments. Too many times i go there only to end up seeing stuff like "[insert game name here] gets an ESRGAN enhanced texture mod", or "game x becomes a timed Epic Store exclusive", as well as the millionth "Apex Legends" or Anthem article. Back in the mid 2000's i used to visit Gamespot, but they were always more console-centric, so it didn't make sense for me to read about games that i would never get to play even if i wanted to. The main things i'm looking for are basically news on upcoming releases, as well as reviews.
  6. Nekr0s1s

    Have you ever gotten malware?

    I always lived dangerously when it comes to surfing the web, and i never had any malware since the mid 2000's. All thanks to a combination of Firefox + NoScript and AdBlock Plus (I don't use the latest versions, BTW).
  7. Nekr0s1s

    What is your weirdest irrational fear?

    1. Standing upside down outdoors. For some reason i fear that doing so will cause the entire world's gravity to reverse and i'll end up falling upwards into space.
  8. Nekr0s1s

    Doom mods based on movies

    i'd like a Punisher mod. Either the many comics, the Netflix series or the movie Punisher: War Zone, with some of the great stuff from the 2005 video game like the interrogations.
  9. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    i've just finished beating the story mode of Need For Speed Undercover. Now i'm back to the AMC TC. (and Need For Speed World with the offline server mod, not to be confused with Soapbox Race World)
  10. Nekr0s1s

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    in chronological order: - Doom Shack - NewDoom - Doomworld - Doom Wad Station - WADs In Progress - ZDoom Forums - DRD Team Forums - BRDoom - ZDaemon
  11. Nekr0s1s

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    have the Spanish Inquisition guys replace the Spiderdemon.
  12. Do you know of any good strategy games for people who were never really into the genre at all? I tried to play the original Command and Conquer, as well as Warzone 2100, Caesar 3, and a few others. But i either find myself overwhelmed with so many things to worry about and/or having my troops get easily slaughtered by certain enemy units. (like the Nod flamethrower troops against the regular and rocket GDI grunts, for example) What i'm looking after is basically: - Both RTS and turn-based - From any year. - Most importantly; easily accessible. - No city-building or 4X games (for now).
  13. Nekr0s1s

    does prboom+ handle LAN well enough?

    but what if some PCs are wired and others are on wi-fi, even if they are in the same place and close to each other?
  14. Nekr0s1s

    Introduction to strategy games

    Slightly off-topic: (sorry in advance) wow! are you the guy from the Oldternet website? i really love your icon sets. (as well as your site; nice welcome change from the minimalist design dictatorship.) just out of curiosity; do you take icon requests?
  15. Nekr0s1s

    Video game/movie crossovers you would like to see in Doom

    for movies: Punisher: War Zone for games: Crusader: No Remorse (and Crusader: No Regret) if TV series count, i would add Netflix Punisher and Daredevil, as well as Narcos (original and Mexico).
  16. Nekr0s1s

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    DooMLG Take out all enemies with the almighty power of the Mountain Dew + Doritos combo.
  17. Nekr0s1s

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    yep. :D
  18. Nekr0s1s

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    pick up poop from the ground and throw it. would go nicely with the Nature's Call mod.
  19. I'm halfway through Narcos: Mexico, and i've been thinking about watching Vikings*, once i'm done with it. other series i watched so far are: - The Punisher, season 1 - Daredevil (all three seasons, and i'm still bummed about the cancellation) - The Defenders - Atypical - Narcos (the original one) - Fastest Car (just a few episodes. i laughed a lot at Bryan Salamone's episode; his Aventador is hilariously ridiculous and his wife looks like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj fused together, with some Kim Kardashian influences) *by the way, is this series any good? is it violent like 300?
  20. Nekr0s1s

    What TV series are you currently watching?

    just started watching Knightfall, while waiting for The Punisher season 2.* *too bad that it might be the last, given what's been happening with the other Marvel series. i wish i was wrong.
  21. Nekr0s1s

    Any fellow Brazilian mappers?

    i'm brazilian, too. i did make a few weapon/gameplay mods in the past, under the nickname DuduCrazy and i was a member of the ZDoom and BRDoom forums.
  22. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    i'm almost done with Blood 2. so far, all i can say is that this game is pretty fun. i just wish there were more custom SP maps for it.
  23. Nekr0s1s

    Whats your favorite animes

    Nowadays, there are only three animes i enjoy watching, those being Initial D*, Sailor Moon and Wangan Midnight. *the story and the racing scenes are really cool, but i despise eurobeat. i used to enjoy this kind of music for some time, but the lyrics are so godawful, i just couldn't get over it. The opening and ending themes (by the band "m.o.v.e."), however are pretty good. i used to watch a lot of anime in the past, but over the years, i nearly lost all of my interest mainly for the following reasons: - Borderline pedophilia material. - People seem to care about one specific genre: Shounen. - Extremely long episodes and too many plot line deviations.
  24. pretty much what the topic title says. i don't recall ever seeing such architectural style depicted in any wad.