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  1. Nekr0s1s

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    from Need For Speed World (Offline/Soapbox Race World)
  2. Nekr0s1s


  3. Nekr0s1s

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    Does copyright in general have/had an influence in people seemingly not innovating much? sometimes i think it may have indeed played a role because it seems like if someone tries to make something new, someone else will C&D it for infringement.
  4. Nekr0s1s

    Do You have a original World?

    my "world" is based on the real world. it's basically Friends meet The Fast And The Furious. (the first three movies) some of the main differences are: - cars aren't as modded as in the first three movies. - it's set in Chicago, instead of New York. - 11 protagonists, some of them are immigrants from Japan, UK, Finland, Canada and Angola. - as for the year, due to continuous meddling by time travellers, the space-time flux has been altered significantly. because of this, most of the world is a mix of 90's and 00's stuff. other time periods going as far back as the 60's are represented as smaller "tribes", and those don't really get along with each other. - it's mostly a sitcom, but also has some drama and more action-y moments in the form of street races. - the story revolves around an autistic man who happens to be very keen on cars and racing, regardless of actual legality of the "meetings". other protagonists come from different backgrounds, but all share the same passion, to a point they eventually form a crew called "The Flatouters", named after a famous quote from the late Colin McRae. - rated R, due to many sex scenes, very dirty language and sometimes extreme violence. in order to even buy the blu-ray and/or DVD release, consumers are required to sign an agreement stating that they will not be offended by the content depictions, or face a fine should he/she attempt to sue the producers because some kid ended up repeating the stuff shown. For the TV airings, a disclaimer is shown before the beginning: "By continuing to view, you agree not to sue the producers over the content depicted in this program. Failure to comply to the terms will result in a fine."
  5. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    i started playing Need For Speed World with the offline server mod thing (probably not related to Soapbox Race World). i'm really loving the cars handling and the customization. though unfortunately i can't put certain parts on specific cars. (i'm stuck with the original spoiler for the Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T, and the body kits are kinda ugly. i also miss some aftermarket brand stickers, so no HKS, Brembo, Sparco or whatever decals on the door.)
  6. Nekr0s1s

    Nintendo has been pissing me off lately

    i agree. and besides, this goes against history preservation. we must act now to prevent stuff from being lost forever, by any means necessary.
  7. Nekr0s1s

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    have you tried to research for stuff from other parts of the world? for example: do you know anything about japanese rock bands (and by extension the Visual Kei movement)? would you rather listen to colombian-style cumbia or salsa? as for movies, i'm not an aficionado so i can't say anything. that said, the last couple times i went to see a movie were pretty disappointing because i wanted a more satisfying ending. all i want is to see the hero kill the antagonist, Mortal Kombat-style. i miss seeing some blood, and a more adrenaline-pumping music. instead, it's always some generic orchestra. i want a shooting scene, filmed on a GoPro camera with some industrial rock music (like KMFDM, Blue Stahli and/or Celldweller) on the background. and for games: my main concern these days is not about the actual games, but about being able to play them for years to come. i stay away from any and every game that have DRM which requires you to be online in order to play as well as multiplayer-only games that don't allow players to host their own servers. i don't want to have to do this, but if those greedy publishers keep putting expiration dates on games, i will give up buying any new games entirely. also, i'm not fond of indie games because most of the time, the developers live in the past instead of making something truly original. i can't stand 8 and 16-bit style games in this day and age; if i wanted a retro platformer, i'd rather play an actual oldschool platformer, and not something that imitates the past. why don't they make, for example, more non-fantasy RPG games? or a FPS with anime-style graphics? summary: to quote an old Microsoft slogan; "Where Do You Want To Go Today?" ask yourself what would you like to see, hear or play and look for it. another good tip is to search for things from a particular time period that you may have missed out on for whatever reason. even the 80's had it's share of garbage, too.
  8. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    me too. i wish there were more mods and custom maps for this game, like there is for the first one.
  9. Nekr0s1s

    Skateboarding videos

    Do you know of any cool skate videos worth watching? can be of any time period, company and skater featured. the only thing i don't want is indie rock on the soundtrack.
  10. Nekr0s1s

    Name a country that probably doesn't have toilets

    i could be wrong, but many of the poorest countries within africa come to mind.
  11. agree. Patriots will get yet another Super Bowl title, and people will once again accuse them of cheating.
  12. i thought that standing upside down outdoors would cause Earth's gravity to go reverse and i would "fall upwards".
  13. disagree Roman Reigns sucks as a wrestler and makes John Cena look awesome by comparison.
  14. agree. someday, a canadian team will end the Stanley Cup title drought.
  15. agree. everything that is popular sucks big time and deserve to be bashed.
  16. disagree. (with the opinion about the cover. i like the band, too and i wish they come play live in Brazil) politics is nothing but a more polite form of slavery.
  17. neither. (i never played it, so i can't speak for it) Verstappen will win a F1 drivers championship title someday, he just needs to chill out and stop making too many childish mistakes.
  18. Agree Someday, Alonso will win the Indy 500 and get the triple crown of motorsports.
  19. agreed. i wish i could play a new Heretic game someday. and while they're at it, release Heretic II on GOG. Ferrari is going to win this year's F1 constructors title, for once. and so will Vettel, for the drivers championship.
  20. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    i've just finished Forsaken Remastered, and now i'll play some Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.
  21. i must admit, i've been trying to stay as far away as possible from news and politics in general. to me, politics are nothing but a more polite form of slavery. instead of enslaving people through violence, you do it by giving stuff to people, but making them "agree" to some contract without them realizing. then it becomes all about playing on the fear of losing something that people think it's essential to their survival. as for news, it's nothing but tragedy and other horrible stuff that makes me have a horrible outlook in life. sometimes i wish i could buy a sound-cancelling earbud so i can mute any and every unpleasing noise at any time. it also makes me wonder if this bad news overdose is having any influence on the increase in suicide rates.
  22. Just out of curiosity, are there any remixes of existing Doom songs that reimagine them as completely different genres? i remember listening to a dubstep-style remix of E2M8 some time ago. what if D_E1M1 was a more of a 90's pop song? or E3M2 as salsa/cumbia?
  23. Nekr0s1s

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    i'd love to hear an imp shouting like those brazilian pedestrians from Grand Theft Auto IV. :D
  24. Nekr0s1s

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Forsaken (2018 remaster) i only played the demo version of the game back in the day. i liked how they got the best of both worlds - the fancy graphics from the PC version and the N64 exclusive content (except the multiple endings/non-conventional difficulty choice).
  25. Nekr0s1s

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Dirty mouth Basically, all the weapons are replaced with different types of swearing, expletives and slurs. And monsters will curse you back, too. Imagine playing a slaughtermap with this mod, that would be a hell of an argument.