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  1. Illdo2

    The poop is dead.

    Yes, that's the kind of posts I'd except on this forum.
  2. Illdo2

    Pope given Last Rites

    He's dead. Go on. Begin telling rude jokes.
  3. Illdo2

    Pope given Last Rites

    So what? I don't care.
  4. Illdo2

    Very lame question [re WadAuthor]

    Tried that but it didn;t work... it looks weird. There is no such option in the right click menu.
  5. Illdo2

    Pope given Last Rites

    You're horrible. Pope is dying and lots of people make silly jokes here. It seems you're primitive.
  6. I'm using WadAuthor and I was wondering... I want to make a very short pillar (like a box lying on the floor). It will be a teleporter. Unfortunately, I just don't know how to do it in WA. It always ends up not right. Can someone help me or at least direct me to a place which could help me?
  7. Illdo2

    When you had to live in a doom level......

    I'd choose The Inmost Dens. It has some nice buildings in there :) But I won't furnish it, since I have yet to learn how to make WADs. I'll just tell you what will be there: some bookshelves, a computer with Internet, some couches, chair, table, a comfortable bed and some trees :)
  8. Illdo2

    five Doom-related questions....

    1. So that they could enter green slime and become hard to see. 2. Demons bit off his tongue. 3. Sky. 4. Already answered by Rom. 5. I don't know.