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Everything posted by Doomsoldier

  1. Doomsoldier

    God Mode

    Well what does everybody think about god mode? I think its awesome!!! Are there any places in Doom where you ever need to use it? I never use it unless I'm having lots of trouble.
  2. Doomsoldier

    Nightmare Anyone??

    Nightmare is the funniest difficulty level!!!It is so hilarous because it is so impossible but it is possible in a way. So, who here likes nightmare?
  3. Ive been playing for about 11 years. How long have you been playing?
  4. Doomsoldier

    Doom Crossover Contest! Win a Prize!

    Monty python and the Icon of Sin is the best!!
  5. Doomsoldier

    Doom 3 Super Shotgun

    Speaking of ROE, who has bought it?
  6. Doomsoldier

    Nightmare Anyone??

    I can only get to E1M3 without dying. Its too hard. I do like the combination of fast and Ultra-Violence. That is usually the difficulty I like to play on. I only play nightmare for fun and not for blood. Now one thing I really like to do is get my buddies together and set the game parameter to Respawn Monsters+Ultra-Violence and just have a big slaughterfest. We would usually keep count of how many kills we got....But that is no where near as fun as Doom Multiplayer!!
  7. Doomsoldier

    Favorite Weapon

    Waht is your favorite weapon on Doom? My favorite weapon is either the Supershotgun or the shotgun because I like to get up close and personal. Its the way I fight.
  8. Doomsoldier

    Don't Buy Discount Cereal!

  9. Doomsoldier

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    "Demons on the Prey" is my favorite song from Doom.
  10. Doomsoldier

    Doom Mods

    Tell me some good Doom Mods. I've heard of some, but I would like to know more.
  11. Doomsoldier

    Doom Music

    What sites do you know where I can download some Doom music?
  12. Doomsoldier

    Doom Multiplayer

    I've never played Doom multiplayer. Can you tell me what it is like?
  13. Doomsoldier

    Doom Multiplayer

    Hey!! Thanks for explaining Doom Multiplayer for me AlexMax! I appreciate it. Hope to see you soon on the battlefield!!:)
  14. Dammit, I almost baught Doom3 Limited Collectors Edition for X-Box yesterday, but the time got too damn late and I ran out of time. I'll try buying it this weekend. Who has Doom3 Limited Collectors Edition?
  15. Doomsoldier

    God Mode

    Well I've already beaten the game so it should be perfectly legeal. Thats my theory anyway.