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  1. 60+ Fighters? A create-a-fighter? Custom Fatalities? A Konquest mode that doesn't suck??? This will surely rock harder than any MK game has ever rocked before.
  2. Xgthug

    Texture tutorial #1

    Seems a lot like these tutorials... http://www.areyep.com/RIPandMCS-TextureLibrary.html
  3. Xgthug

    question about textures/flats using XWE

    When you click Save As on a texture, it doesn't save a BMP, it saves the whole texture file called lmp or whatever. How can you save just one texture, edit it, and replace it? Let's say the sky from Doom2... ? This is my first PWAD, by the way. I don't really know how the textures or patches work.
  4. Xgthug

    ROE on Xbox 2

    Think about it. They had to dumb down Doom 3 a lot for the Xbox, but the Xbox 2 will be fully capable of running Doom 3 with High Quality. Since Doom 3 is already on Xbox, they could release Ressurection of Evil on the Xbox 2, sort of like how they included Tides of War with the Xbox version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Just a thought I've had.
  5. Xgthug

    question about textures/flats using XWE

    The help file is tiny, and it doesn't tell you how to add a BMP as a texture, or how to replace the sky texture.
  6. Xgthug

    question about textures/flats using XWE

    I had the same question in my other thread, but nobody answered me. I'm glad you posted this, but what would make it even better is if someone who knew would reply.
  7. Xgthug

    xbox doom3

    Been waiting a LONG time for the Xbox version of Doom 3, and I must say, it was worth the wait. It was everything I hoped for and more. I also, got the Limited Collectors Edition, and beat it in the same day. The Classic Doom feature is fun, I played through The Ultimate Doom with my friend in co-op. I'm very dissapointed in the Doom 3 Multiplayer, as it's Live and System link only, so no splitscreen. :( The graphics can be a little bit buggy at times, but they're still friggin' beautifull. The shadows and lighting are amazing. I never got to see the game in action before this, since it would have cost $800 to get my PC ready for Doom 3, so when I played the Xbox version, so I was blown away. As I said before in another thread though, the game wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, but it's still great.
  8. Hell, I'm just glad it's even on Xbox, with all the delays they did with the shipping. Since my computer can't handle the PC version, I'm just happy to see it on Xbox at all. I'll admit the game wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, but it's still better than Half-Life 2 in my opinion. You're complaining about the splitscreen in the Classic Doom? You're lucky they added splitscreen at all, since Doom 3 doesn't have splitscreen, only system link and Live. I'd pay $20 dollars for the original Doom games on Xbox alone, and me and my friend weren't complaining when we played through the entire first Doom game on co-op. Doom 3 for Xbox, although dumbed down, was worth every penny in my pocket. I'm sorry to see you're dissapointed in it.
  9. Hey, I was wondering how you could make a staircase raise from the ground by pressing a switch. I'm using Doom Builder, by the way. EDIT: Scroll down, I have another question...
  10. Xgthug

    Raising Staircase **plus a new question

    Ezxariarch - Read previous post... Anyway, I'm having another problem, and I thought I'd just ask about it in here rather than make a new thread. When I replace a texture using XWE, it pretty much destroys my wad, and I have to put the whole thing together again (didn't notice it makes backups at the time). I can add textures by adding the texture to the sprites, and then right clicking it and clicking "Make Into Texture", but I can't replace them, like the sky. This is really importiant for a multiplayer PWAD I'm making, so if anyone could tell me how to replace that sky, that'd be great and stuff...
  11. Xgthug

    Raising Staircase **plus a new question

    Wow, that tutorial doesn't seem to work with Doom Builder... Anyway, what Iori said worked, I just didn't see the action catagory in Doom Builder called Stairs. Added that action, and it works perfectly... Thanks for the help.
  12. Xgthug

    Raising Staircase **plus a new question

    Is there any specific linedef action for the switch I have to use for this to work? I tried just a simple S1 Floor Raise by 24 (#161), and it only raised sector A.
  13. Xgthug

    Best map builder for doom?

    I usually use XWE, because it's not only a Level Editor, but it allows you to import new textures, music, sounds, and sprites into your PWAD.