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  1. samiam

    Music should be curated

    There was a ticket about this last year: https://github.com/freedoom/freedoom/issues/156 I think some, but not all, Jute’s tracks make usable level scores. I also think more music contributions will improve FreeDoom even more, but we have enough raw music to have a playable megawad with far fewer duplicated soundtracks than the original Doom or Doom2.
  2. samiam

    Blasphemer discussion

    I have updated my ObHack random map generator (based off of a 2007 version of Oblige), to build Blasphemer megawads with golems and undead warriors, since these sprints have been added over the last year. In addition, the code has logic in place to build boss arenas, even though Blasphemer doesn’t have the boss sprites yet. And, oh, it supports CTF maps, Deathmatch maps, and, yeah, FreeDoom, Doom1, Doom2, and even Heretic: https://github.com/samboy/ObHack/releases/tag/ObHack-008-Blasphemer201602 (move Win32-binary/ObHack.exe to the folder ObHack-engine-008.3, then run ObHack.exe; non-Windows users can build from the source code) I’m really impressed with Blasphemer; while it’s taking me longer than I would like to have all of the monster sprites; the sprites it does have are quite nice looking and it has a much nicer gothic atmosphere than the original Heretic game. I gave up on FreeDoom about a decade ago, but over the last couple of years it’s been coming together and now has all of the Doom and Doom2 monster sprites; the really ugly sprites have been redrawn. I’m sure Blasphemer will get finished too, but, based on my experience with FreeDoom, it will probably take about 5-10 years.
  3. samiam

    I'm very pleased with Freedoom's progress

    No hurries. FreeDoom has been, and remains to be a very playable and enjoyable game.
  4. samiam

    I'm very pleased with Freedoom's progress

    OK, I have released ObHack-FreeDoom-0.7.5: Waterfall texture in fountains fixed to use ObHack texture (no more red waterfall in DOOM2.WAD file) ObHack markers in DOOM2.WAD now use pictures I took of a fire last year (ObHack.exe still generates Neon "Oblige" sign) Verified that the Imp is latest version of Raymoohawk's serpentide Update MAP12 music (D_THEDA2) to use scragadelic/reflection_scrag.mid (DM10 music in FreeDoom) http://samiam.org/obhack/ObHack-FreeDoom-0.7.5.zip
  5. samiam

    I'm very pleased with Freedoom's progress

    I hope to have enough time to get around to updating those sprites in the next few weeks (the issue is a minor, but significant issue). One thing that’s annoying is that I don’t know of a convenient way to just say “take all of the resources in PWAD foo and make it part of IWAD bar.” I’m pretty sure deutex has a way of doing that, but...while deutex does have a man page, it’s pretty terse, and I haven’t found a really good “use deutex the way the FreeDoom developers use it” documentation resource out there. So, what I do instead is use SLADE to import the resources. I just take PWAD foo.wad, and in SLADE, make each and every resource a separate lmp file. Then I have SLADE open the FreeDoom IWAD file, search through the huge resource list (by hand! Slade doesn’t even have a “search for resource name” functionality that I can find), and then import each of those lmps, one by one, in to my fork of the FreeDoom IWAD. This is why it will probably take me a couple of weeks to get around to making the IWAD file with the shorter Imps (err, Serpentides). The slightly-too-tall Serpentides are a lot better than the cobra imps FreeDoom has had for years; while I don’t mind the Cobra shape too much, I do mind the fact that, when looked at from the side, the old Cobra imps jump around in an ugly manner; it was not possible to correctly target them. And, yes, I am really looking forward to the improved hellknight/baron. That’s the last really bad looking monster sprite in FreeDoom.
  6. samiam

    Improved (?) placeholders

    We actually have the improved Baron/Hell Knight in the works: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1320726 It hasn't, as far as I know, been converted in to .wad format yet.
  7. samiam

    Updates and Tweaks to older assets

    You know, we have had the "Let's replace RSKY2 in FreeDoom with something else" discussion before: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/freedoom/66837-burning-city-f-sky2/ I feel FreeDoom's RSKY2 is its very best sky texture; indeed, it's better than DOOM2's RSKY2. Let's keep it.
  8. samiam

    I'm very pleased with Freedoom's progress

    I just released 0.7.4. Updates: Updated RSKY2 (Night city) as per http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1393422 Updated the Imp (TROO*) as per http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1339384 To make the download smaller, the wad now only has nine unique random maps. Downloads: http://samiam.org/obhack/ObHack-FreeDoom-0.7.4.zip http://samiam.org/obhack/ObHack-FreeDoom-
  9. samiam

    Photographed weapons (WIP images)

    They look nice. One long-standing issue with FreeDoom is that a few of the weapons (the super shotgun, the rocker launcher, the plasma gun, and the BFG) have pickups that don't look at all like the weapon while DoomGuy is carrying it. There shouldn't be a legal issue with using a real item for the part; the Doom chainsaw, after all, was modeled from a real chainsaw.
  10. samiam

    Let's collect all updates into one PWAD

    Updated download link: http://samiam.org/obhack/FreeDoom-update-2015-07-06.7z
  11. samiam

    Let's collect all updates into one PWAD

    I think these imps, in their current form, are far better than the ones included with FreeDoom right now (the way the current imps jump around instead of having smooth animations makes them only slightly better than the black "FreeDoom graphic needed" square we had for so many monsters for so many years). I'm not sure the armor and health shards (1% health/armor) needed to be updated, but the new ones look quite nice. The new Cacodemon will probably work better as the Hell Knight/Baron of Hell, simply because the Hell Knight graphic needs an update more than the current "jellyfish" does. EDIT: I have made a mirror of the file for people without Dropbox accounts: http://samiam.org/obhack/FreeDoom-update.7z Also, the HUD is a definite improvement, and one I believe the GitHub tree already has.
  12. samiam

    OBLIGE with bugfixes and tweaks available

    Probably not. But this reply may be more relevant: For whatever reason, the CTF support I added to ObHack back in 2009 slipped through the cracks and never made it in to the main ObHack tree. I finally restored CTF support and it's now in the main Obhack tree: https://github.com/samboy/ObHack There is no Windows binary with CTF support yet, but there *is* a Windows binary of ObHack 008 here: http://samiam.org/obhack I will probably make a binary in a few months. Note that ObHack makes no effort to make the maps symmetrical, and that it only supports two-team CTF. Also note that, if a CTF game is selected, ObHack always generates a Doom2 WAD. Obhack CTF is a game of luck played between two players; the winner can claim that they won because of their elite Doom skills, while the loser can claim that they were playing on the wrong side of an unfair map. ObNecroThread: Since ALMN still occasionally posts here, I need to point out that I ended up using Zandronum this time around to make sure the CTF support works. Unlike when I tried with Odamex in 2009, setting up a multiplayer game with CTF was fast and easy. It's one thing to have a good community when you are just playing the game; perhaps the lack of basic documentation makes the community more close-knit. It's another thing when asking a software developer who is not part of that community to develop a feature for you (without getting paid, to boot), causing them to waste hours of their time figuring out how to use your Doom port so they can do you the favor of implementing the feature for you. Edit As of commit b9d25e69, ObHack 008 supports team CTF with multiple players on each team.
  13. samiam

    Blasphemer discussion

    Blasphemer now has a random map generator! I’ve added a Blasphemer 0.1 definition to ObHack. You can now play 48-level (actually up to 55 levels, depending on how the source port handles Heretic E6M3 exits and E6 secrets) megawads in Blasphemer. Since there's only one monster sprite in the last Blasphemer release (0.1), there isn't much variety in the monsters to fight, but it’s a start, and it is a "proof of concept" showing that even this early in development, Blasphemer has enough resources to make for a playable game. It’s version 008 of ObHack, available here: http://samiam.org/obhack
  14. samiam

    My SMITA0 sprite

    Agreed. For the main FreeDoom tree, we can't accept any submissions unless we have a paper (or at least email) trail that the submitter has made them available under FreeDoom's license.
  15. samiam

    need halp!

    Agreed. This will -- if you have time to finish it -- make a great Revenant.