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  1. amberleaf

    My thoughts on the game!

    I cant remember the last time I logged in to comment. They nailed it, they made the Doom that I expected with Doom3. I wasn't going to buy it but my girlfriend knows how much I like the originals after watching me play through psx doom. She saw it in Game and decided to treat me. I was hurt by Doom3. I bought the original xbox just to play it as it was cheaper than getting a graphics card that was upto the job. It didn't feel like doom, it was okay, it was scary but it wasn't doom. I bought Division because the guys at work told me it was the best modern game, it isnt. I bought a few COD games, shite. Doom/doom4/doom2016 is not the best game ever but it is the best doom game since doom 2. I have only played for about 90 minutes but I have laughed a few times, got overexcited about 10 times and caught myself talking aloud more times than that.
  2. amberleaf

    Where to play?

    It looks like zdaemon is the best match for me. I played a few games on zand and it seems like most servers load that many pwads that it doesnt look or feel like doom anymore, almost like doom meets quake, which is cool but isnt my bag. I would like to play Zdaemon but it crashes when I try to set fullscreen. Ive started work on a new map which will keep me busy for a month or so. Thanks
  3. amberleaf

    Where to play?

    I have come back after a long time away from Doom. I played almost every night, mapped and played multiplayer but this must have been 8-10 years ago. Back then I used to load up Doom Connector and could launch from games on numerous ports. I just feel a little out of my depth now. What happened to Doom connector? Is there an equivalent nowadays? Skulltag has gone....Doom legacy gone? I'd like some advise one playing DM and FFA old school. I was never too fussed about CTF. Thanks in advance.
  4. amberleaf

    Doom Turns Sixteen

    about time!!
  5. Jeez, that was painful.
  6. amberleaf

    Which Doomer(s) have you met in real life?

    There are a few doomers in Britain but we cant be arsed by the looks of it. The Yanks moan about being more than a few hours away from each other but I bet all the British doomers live within 4 hours driving distance.
  7. amberleaf

    Doom Builder 2 Released

    Thankyou so much for the time that you put into this P vd H.
  8. amberleaf

    New from Id, IWolf!

    Dont bother paying for it, you can download it legally on Cydia. It runs really well and the controls are great.
  9. amberleaf

    Shareware distribution

    From what I know doom was released on shareware in shops, bbs' and magazines. The game could be purchased by phoning apogee. Id realised that the phones were going unanswered in many cases and were talked into releasing doom 2 by Ron Chaimowitz (gt interactive) as a retail version of doom to make more money. Ultimate doom is the retail version of the original doom.
  10. Im not gonna get my hopes up. I expect a lighter and less linear design to the maps, more powerful weapons and a better multiplayer. I think id will have the same goals as they did for Doom 3. Doom 3 was little less than an advert for their new engine and was a let down. Doom 4 is id trying to sqeeze a few extra bucks out of tech4 before rage.
  11. amberleaf

    Support for ZDaemon/Skulltag in Xfire

    "If you disagree then you're an idiot" Anyone who doesnt agree with MaTT is an idiot? Great way to drum up support MaTT.
  12. amberleaf

    A powerful new PC - is it worth it?

    Maybe Graf, I think that with the increase in speeds over the internet coupled with faster and larger small removable media the need for blue ray will never match that of dvd (for film) or the old CD format (for music). I think more game publishers will go the way of digital distibution as will the film companys. We've all seen what happened with itunes etc. What you think?
  13. amberleaf

    A powerful new PC - is it worth it?

    I would wait for six months mate, I have a good enough PC although I lack vista and a dx 10 card. Athlon 64 dual core 6000+ 250 gb 2gb ram radeon 1800xt (£500) I also have a 360................hears my view. 360 and PS3 WILL be cheaper at christmas and we will have a clearer idea of who has the best games. (although 360 is better now) We will know more about how essential a dx10 compliant gpu is. IMHO blu ray will never take off. I have the 360 for sports games like tiger woods and fifa, xbox live is brilliant and cheap...... i use my pc for steam games and classic emulation. Just chipping in my 2p's worth.
  14. amberleaf

    Maximum Doom Reference published at /idgames

    Thanks funduke!!!!!!!! All we need is a total doom compilation with every wad, editor, faq, port, source, game browser and a nice frontend.......(i'll keep dreaming) Serioisly though your work is appreciated.
  15. amberleaf

    doom 4

    announced http://www.idsoftware.com/