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Agamemnon XVI

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  1. Agamemnon XVI

    Howcome no one plays ST

    This is a great port,but I only see like 20 peopl a day playing it.
  2. Agamemnon XVI


    They should change it in one of the engens
  3. Agamemnon XVI

    Stitching Help

    yeah I think its next to snap to grid toggle
  4. Agamemnon XVI

    Has Doom ever mocked you???

    I have the same problem. It has somthing to do with no true depth in doom.so it is hard to figur out how far they are.
  5. Agamemnon XVI

    Idea for 3d

    What if you could edit sector hight in 3d.I was wandeing if you would have to rebuild the nodes tho.
  6. Agamemnon XVI

    Movies you would like to see made into games

    Soylent Green Lol
  7. Agamemnon XVI


    But we have id cards in america and were fine with it.mine alows me to go to the comescery and get meat at the third of the price.I dont get what the big deal is.
  8. Agamemnon XVI


    Im sorry but there are no id cards in the U.K. Im confuesed.
  9. Agamemnon XVI

    Idea for 3d

    sorry thanks
  10. Agamemnon XVI

    Howcome no one plays ST

    Thats what i meant sorry. Skulltag online.
  11. Agamemnon XVI

    Got "Doom artifacts"?

  12. Agamemnon XVI

    Got "Doom artifacts"?

    I want the lost episodes so bad. Are they good? And where can you buy them.
  13. Agamemnon XVI

    Shores of Hell better quality than Inferno?

    I liked.. e2> E3>Plutonia>E1> Doom2>E4>TNT E4 I didnt get the story behind and it was very stiff gameplay. note on doom 2,the first 2 thirds were ok and stand in order as they are but the last third was on par with e3.
  14. Agamemnon XVI

    Doom for the Nintendo DS.

    Leave him alone. It does look very professional.you need an enthusiastic programmer tho. Yeah alot of people on doomworld have low self esteem and like to put other people down. Here are my sugestions. - Hexen ported instead of making your own engein, plese. - A built in version of doombuilder using the stylus, plese. - Doom 1 style play instead of 64, plese. - wad format exactly the same,so you can put wads you like and play them, plese. - skulltag multyplayer port, plese.
  15. Agamemnon XVI

    Editing PSX Doom

    does that mean you could edit it, and make it like zdoom.
  16. Agamemnon XVI

    Editing PSX Doom

    Sounds cool and real complicated.So what I want to know is if I could put a map such as AV.wad in and play it on the PSX.
  17. Agamemnon XVI

    Hard monsters

    As a coop player I long for a chalenge,but latley the us of respawn and infinite ammo monsters seem more like harasment and the enviroment seemed more dangerous (i love hexen traps).So I would like to request (because I dont have the brain compacity) monters devsttatingly deadly kilin player in the dozen ( or fives) Like a monster with a bfg.Or a monster that had good meleee.Or fighting satan.
  18. Agamemnon XVI

    Hard monsters

    Ok,Im sorry that I made a sloppy paragraph.I was asking for a challenge from people who make coop maps because monsters are to easy.
  19. Agamemnon XVI

    Dummy sector traps

    "Claps" good idea
  20. Agamemnon XVI

    Thing Hate

    i have had the same problem.im going to look at map 20 in doom2.wad.they have an arachnatron and a cybe fighting
  21. Agamemnon XVI

    I wanna make a skin for a monster

  22. Agamemnon XVI


    Im making a night fight map. so im making a lava pit i want to glow. so i make a deep sector with the glow tag and damging.still is dark kike the rest of the map.so i make the sector brighter than the rest. But the sky is brighter too.so how do i make the sky dark and the sector bright?
  23. Agamemnon XVI


    tanks,you were right
  24. Agamemnon XVI

    I wanna make a skin for a monster

    just wanna say thanks cause that helped me alot with things to. but where is a good web page where you can learn how to script monsters
  25. Agamemnon XVI

    Master Port

    Could somone make a program that you oculd run any port\wads from. That would make it easier to play doom and everything so you could have the whole doom univers in one program.Like you could switch off from legacy and skulltag or zdaemon.