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  1. Heh. ...where's my device that lets me kill people over the internet...?
  2. auxois

    9800XT and GeForceFX 5950 ultra

    Tonx, you should really know better than to question me in one of these threads, really. Really. Did I say that? I don't see where I said that. Perhaps you shouldn't post when you're drunk. Or maybe you can't read? I didn't say that. Thanks for putting words in my mouth. What I SAID was that nVidia's FX cards are likely to perform better in coming games due to a relative lack of restrictions on their cards. Look around on the web and you'll find plenty of evidence. I can't be bothered to find it for you and in any case you'll learn more by finding it yourself. Obviously you need to. Just to nitpick, the phrase is "vice versa". But in any case, you're still wrong. ATI hardware runs almost all current games better even when they ARE optimized for nVidia hardware (which virtually all coming and current games are). The point is that the difference is still miniscule. ATI worked very closely with Microsoft to design the DX9 standard. So you're still wrong. I don't know what pixel shadering is. Maybe you meant "pixel shaders?" Yes, when you write generic DX9 code, it is much faster on ATI hardware. When you use Cg, or write code optimized for nVidia hardware, it's similarly fast for nVidia hardware. Do I think devs should have to do this? No. Do I think nVidia is retarded for expecting everyone to bow to their hardware? Yes. Does it mean nVidia's cards are actually any less capable? No. Does it mean developers aren't going to do it? No. Lies. You're obviously an ATI fanboy. I've seen this kind of behavior on other boards and other threads in this board. You can't stand for anyone to say that anything is nearly as good as your precious ATI card. Guess what - other companies make video cards that are worthwhile too. I'm not an nVidia fanboy, nor am I an ATI fanboy. In fact, I'm not really a fan of anything. I simply like to see that everyone gets their fair shake and that the consumers get the best value for their money. Something you obviously have no concern with. See above... Yes, by margins that are quite literally unnoticeable unless you examine side-by-side static images and numerical framerate comparisons. The fact of the matter is that if he can get a 9800XT for $300 and a 5950u for $250, the 5950u is a better choice. End of story. Oh, and for the record, the 5950u does not have any extra pipelines or anything. Both are four-pipe designs. It simply runs at a higher clockspeed, as most of the "ultra" variants do.
  3. auxois

    How hot?

    where is habanero
  4. auxois

    Will Doom3 suck because it's an id game!?

    the leaked material for half-life 2 was in fact scripted, including all the things they demonstrated that they claimed were specifically not scripted.
  5. auxois

    9800XT and GeForceFX 5950 ultra

    As painful as your post is to look at, I suppose I'll reply. It's pretty much a toss-up between the two. The 9800XT is more likely to perform better on current and older games, while performing admirably on future games, whereas the 5950u will not do as well on older games but will likely do better on coming games (due to higher limits on lengths of shaders and numbers of shaders, etc). Either way, the difference between the two cards in pretty much any application will likely not be more than 5%. Personally, I'd get a 9800XT, but the choice is yours. Both are very capable cards. In truth, you're probably better off simply getting the one that's cheapest.
  6. auxois

    Hardware Question

    No. The TNT2 will not run Doom 3. It requires DX7 compliant hardware, not DX7 compatible hardware. DX7 compliance requires a fully-fuctional fixed-function T&L unit. Besides that it doesn't even almost have the fillrate to keep up with what the D3 engine does. I really can't imagine a Geforce256 (the actual baseline) or R100 (original radeon) keeping up with doom3.
  7. auxois

    The worst monsters are...

    You know, relating to irritating monsters... I just finished Scythe, and I don't know whose idea it was to put FIFTY FUCKING BILLION REVENANTS in the wad but fuck them. Grr. Angst is me. Fun wad, tho - especially the first 15 levels or so. The last 6-7 levels are just "hide behind a wall and shoot things from cover", and I don't really jive with that. Except Fear. Holy crap that level is cool. But I digress. REVENANTS. D:
  8. auxois

    [MOD:REL]Counter-Doom EDGE Final DONE--

    Well, I like it. I just wish it weren't for EDGE. Which, I imagine, will be the bulk of the complaints about it. That said, the weapons are really so incredibly amazingly overpowered it's kind of ridiculous. Except the assault rifles, which are horribly underpowered by comparison, but really, they're about where they should be.
  9. auxois

    Hardware Question

    Actually, most of the 57xx series should handle Doom3 okay. Decently, anyway. Also, for the record, the FAQ should be changed to reflect that A) not all GeforceFXes will run the game "excellently", and Radeon 9500s, 9600s, and 9700s will likely run the game "excellently". Right now, the "Excellent" system requirements section says "GeforceFXes and Radeon 9800 series". This is an error.
  10. auxois


    ESDF is actually superior to WASD. Statistically.
  11. auxois

    AV on Nightmare

    I beat AV on NM with -turbo 10. I also invented the internet.
  12. auxois

    New screen and article

    I do hope they include some sort of saved games limitation. I don't want there to be "Oh, I'm dead. Must load my savegame of 13 seconds ago." I hope it's actually limiting, too. 3 per level was too many in SoF. 5 or 10 per game is more like what I'm looking for.
  13. auxois


    This topic has already been back and forth well enough, but why would anyone ever use anything but mouse & kb for playing an FPS other than A) it's on a console and you can't (and you can in some console FPSes, e.g. Red Faction II and HL on PS2) and B) personal preference (in which case you're purposefully handicapping yourself). The only combination that would be better would be some sort of bizarre joystick-keyboard hybrid (for analog movement in 3 dimensions) and a high-resolution trackball with variable sensitivity.
  14. auxois

    Plasma Rifle WIP

    chilvence - No, I don't, unfortunately...it was extremely generic. I'm pretty sure they took the same gun and made a "normal" grey version that I had, a "jungle" version (by painting it green), and the desert version (likely the one used in Doom, if that is in fact what it was, which was painted brown). I'll look for a few pictures, but no guarantees.