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  1. probotect0r

    Doom 3, (and all FPS games) one-handed

    A bone died + distentegrated in my wrist and it totally messed up my entire hand, (the bones shifted around and started grinding on each other, causing arthritis... not as bad as having it chopped off but still not good) somtimes I can use it but most of the time I can't even move it. If the image of it being chopped seems better however, then by all means disregard what I just said and assume that =P
  2. probotect0r

    Doom 3, (and all FPS games) one-handed

    Thank you all for your suggestions. Being able to only use one hand is so annoying. I was afraid at first I'd have to give up gaming heh.
  3. probotect0r

    Doom 3, (and all FPS games) one-handed

    Hey thanks, I never thought of doing it quite like that. Not a bad idea. I didn't much like only limiting myself to the keyboard because you just couldnt turn and aim fast enough. The only problem would be switching between weapons and flashlight, (I literally canot use my right hand at all) but I suppose one of those mouse's with the back and foreward buttons on the sides you click with your thumb and pinky finger could work to make it even easier.
  4. probotect0r

    Doom 3, (and all FPS games) one-handed

    Hello everyone... first post :) anyways, sorry if this topic has popped up in the past, I searced for something similar and haven't found anything. I am forced to play with only my left hand (so not only am I playing one-handed but with my non-dominant hand!) I sometimes play with a joystick, but it's made for right-handed people, so it's uncomfortable and I go back to my keyboard. With the classic "WASD" setup for FPS I can't reach the keys on the other side of the keyboard. I've now got my movement keys as "RDFG" R=foreward F=backwards D=left strafe G=Right strafe E=Turn left T=Turn right. H=flashlight z=Jump X=Zoom B=Crouch Y=Reload U=Chat I=Team Chat A=Strafe Space=Fire And all the other keys remain their original function. So my question: is anyone else here forced to play one handed? Or even with some sort of other handicap (maybe you're missing a finger?) If so, how is your key-board set up to play?