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  1. I decided in late December that I wanted to get back into athletics, so I'm in a rather rigorous training regime right now. I run 4-5 days a week and do strength training in a gym 3 days, with 1 day a week for rest.

    At the moment I'm running a ~8.5km circuit, but I'll be swapping to doing that distance on a grass 400m track as the concrete and bitumen is not very good on the knees. My overall goals are to do a marathon distance run by the end of the year and join up at a club for next year. My main event has always been the 100ms (which requires a lot of technical training), but I'll see how I do with the longer distances.

    My knee was developing an injury during yesterday's run, so I decided to walk today's and take photos for the fun of it. :) Sorry for the crappy quality, the camera is just a cheap kodak and I have no idea what I'm doing heh. Not to mention the bright summer sun.


    This is the start of the circuit, the path going along side of my house. zomg mulberry tree is collapsing on the fence! We soon start to run parallel to the river. photo1

    I do a brisk walk to this point, which is about 500m from the first photo. I do stretches and shit here. There was a capsized kayak here yesterday, pretty sure the guy was drunk haha (he also refused help, but he had a friend with him in another boat so I left it). photo2

    Start running, slow pace for 5 mins or so, and after maybe 800ms we come to this intersection. I turn left and then take an immediate right (not in shot), we leave the river. The area in the background is swamp in the winter. photo3

    After ~600m we come to this area. There's often a flock of 100 or so western corellas (not my photo heh) foraging here, but I had to leave early as I was walking so I missed their evening feed. photo4

    After taking a right at the end of photo4's path, we run along a crescent shaped road. There are houses along to the right of this road, but I took the photo where there is a small park instead. The incline here is a real bitch to run up, but it's good for ya. photo5

    Taking a right at the end of photo5, and then an immediate right again, we come to this small bridge. This starts my favourite part of the run. photo6

    500m after the bridge I start running on the grass for 2km. photo7

    Back on the path for 500 we come to and run on this bridge. fishing bird in flight! photo8 There's a much larger bridge in view from here that I had to take a photo of with 2 black swans and their young one. :D photo9

    I skipped taking photos for ~1.5km because it's all urban area, really hate this part of the run. We come to a miniature railway at the end of that, with a church at the back of this photo. I get a lot of energy looking at that.. photo10

    Here's the final photo! (I ran out of memory, forgot to clean out old photos. Whoops!) After running on the railway for ~800m we pop out here. We would have run over this bridge if in photo2 we veered right and kept going for 200m instead of turning left which is a roughly 3km circuit. It's about 1.5km more from here to home. photo11


    Probably the longest post I've made here heh. Hopefully someone got something out of it. :)

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Planky said:

      I wonder how i fucked that up. Oh well

      I still want to know which image you were talking about.

    3. myk


      Aha, some -nomonsters speedrunning screenshots!

      We have a lot of eucalyptus trees here in the countryside, which the Brits first brought here like 100 years ago.

    4. Khorus


      AgentSpork said:

      Hooray for getting back in shape! I've been on a pretty rigorous training schedule as well, and it feels great. Currently hitting the gym for weight training 4-5 times a week, and I also do 30-40 minutes of cardiovascular exercise outside of the gym during most of those days as well.

      I've always been a pretty skinny guy, so it's not like I was really in any desperate need to lose weight, but I was really starting to feel the effects of not being in shape, so I took some initiative and made some much needed lifestyle changes.

      Those are some really cool photos, by the way. I'm pretty jealous, as there's no such scenery to be found here; just good old cookie cutter suburban housing every which way you look. I can't wait for spring time to roll around, though; you can bet your ass I'll be outside biking for at least an hour every day when the weather gets to be less fucking cold out.

      Great to hear, Spork. :) Similar situation to me really, I've always been thin but was certainly starting to feel unfit and really felt like this was the final opportunity for me to have a serious go at athletics again for more than exercise.

      kristus said:

      Actually, I'm too working on getting into better shape. Started training with a friend so we keep each other active.

      :D ! What sort of exercise you guys doing?

      I could use that road going up the hill near your place btw, that'd be great for sprint training. :p

      myk said:

      Aha, some -nomonsters speedrunning screenshots!

      We have a lot of eucalyptus trees here in the countryside, which the Brits first brought here like 100 years ago.


      I love the smell of eucalyptus, I'm sure I'd be right at home there. ;)

      Nice to see you around again by the way.

      Lüt said:

      I'd go running there, if only because outrunning a train, even a miniature, would make me feel a lot like superman.

      Hehe. Well, they haven't had any trains run through there for at least 10 years. They maintain it as a sort of trail. Nice thought though.