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  1. Just 2 minutes ago I was notified that work has dried up, so I no longer have a job. I was a draftsperson at a mechanical engineering company.

    Best fucking news I've had all year.

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    2. Khorus


      Super Jamie said:

      Well, you wanted out of the job anyway, to spend more time making Doom-engine levels.

      Heh, not quite. :P Bipolar disorder makes it difficult coping with and holding a job.

      Hehe, it would also seem you were extra correct with engineering companies not keeping permanent drafters!

      printz said:

      Good luck next time!

      Thanks, printz. :)

      Snakes said:

      Sounds like an opportunity to overcome potential economic Strife!


      Strife! :D

    3. DoomUK


      Hating your job is a horrible feeling. Hopefully you'll find something more rewarding.

    4. Use


      Guess You'll have plenty of time for more music. :P

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