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  1. Hai,

    I am in the process of making an "album" I suppose right now, and I'm interested in seeing what people think of some of the work I've done.


    I've used somes samples and art from kristus' work, which he kindly gave me permission to use (<3).

    Hope somebody gets something out of it. :)

    1. dsm


      This is pretty interesting stuff.

      I'm no expert on music and styles - I'm just responding based on what I like about those songs and what I don't.

      All three songs seem to have a pretty interesting atmosphere to them, especially 1 and 2, with 1 having a nice, industrial feel to it and 2 being just plain weird and having a disturbing element to it somewhere.

      3 just has a cool beat to it, but that seems to be all it needs to be worth listening to. I personally like that song the best in terms of just listening to it - the other two would probably be superior in terms of "level music" or similar, because they have the whole atmosphere going for them.


      Now for the bad stuff. 1 and 2 tend to get a little stale after a while, if you're just listening to them. They're both rather long songs and you tend to kinda lose track of the melody.
      This is probably why I feel they're better suited for laying down a background atmosphere, than for just listening to.
      Can't really put my finger on what could be improved on them to make them more enjoyable to listen to (and again: I'm not a musician, so I have no "professional" advice to give).

      Then again, I figure the first two are just less in tune with my specific tastes in "listen-to" music.


      Overall, it seems you have some talent that you can take really far if you keep working on this stuff. Usage of sound effects seems very good to me and there generally seems to be fairly good flow to these songs too (especially in 3).

      Hope you could use my criticism.