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  1. Inquisitor A

    Wad ideas

    Hmm....i havent heard about it.I've Searched countless times for a WH40k wad but i cant find one. If you run across the wad gimme the link,many thanks.
  2. Inquisitor A

    A Mad Dash

    Ah..im glad you liked it. I was gonna start on a Story for the Jerizona Wad.Make the Main character an Ex-Marine Chaplain or something.
  3. Inquisitor A

    Vavoom help

    Kick ass...thanks grazza
  4. Inquisitor A

    Vavoom help

    For the longest i have used Zdaemon but then i took a look at Vavoom,and the 3d models in particular... I downloaded the 3d models...but i cant find anything that tells me how to put the 3d models into the game. Help me please!?!
  5. Inquisitor A

    That DOOM Feeling

    Its the Anomaly... After you defeat the two Hell Barons and step onto the teleporter just to get torn in half by a pack of Zombies and demons...then youre like "WTF just happened?" The first time i played the Shareware version...its was love at first sight.