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  1. MacWadMaker

    Car bombs in Baghdad target NBC

    Two car bombs go off outside a hotel in Baghdad that houses NBC. No NBC staff injured, but 8 Iraqi's killed. Katie Couric on NBC TODAY said this morning "Thank God no one was hurt". HELLO!!! EIGHT PEOPLE DEAD! This happened a few years ago. Link: http://www.agonist.org/archives/008815.html Could not find a good link for this mornings story, as it just happened.
  2. MacWadMaker

    Car bombs in Baghdad target NBC

    "I could announce one morning that the world was going to blow up in three hours and people would be calling in about my hair!" ~Katie Couric Thanks for the link... Quote above has me ROFLMFAO. But I stopped when I saw her salary. *runs for toilet... I'm gonna be sick*
  3. MacWadMaker

    Dateline vs. Predator

    Put these people on a short bus straight to the slammer or mental facility of your choice. I would say some mental, some short bus riders, but all sick for preying on children.
  4. MacWadMaker

    What if everyone on Earth were to vanish?

    I think I would go out and secure as much survival stuff as possible. Generators would be improtant in case power goes out. I will need enough power to sit in my apartment and be a gamer for the rest of my life.
  5. MacWadMaker

    Home made boom stick

    ouch... http://www.local6.com/news/5239578/detail.html
  6. MacWadMaker

    How long have you played Doom?

    Ultimate DOOM for mac... 1997 DOOM II for mac... 1998 Started mapping... 1998 Moved on to Hexen, Marathon and Quake... Dusted off old software with release and purchase of DOOM 3 for XBOX. Ultimate DOOM for mac... 2005 DOOM II for mac... 2005 Started mapping... 2005 Those who do not learn from the past are DOOMed to repeat it.
  7. MacWadMaker

    Bra ad

    What I hate is the endless cycle of pop-up ads, where the close box triggers another one. If I want commercials I'll watch TV thanks. I never get anything cool like a bra ad. I get "punch Osama and win an XBOX 360!"
  8. MacWadMaker

    Where Did Your Title Come From?

    Ouch... I will have to hand down my user profile to my kids, kids, kids... If or when I have kids that is. Current Rate... 0.60 postperday = 219 postperyear 99,999 = about 456 years at rate 999,999 = about 4566 years at rate
  9. MacWadMaker


    When I first registered I saw "Registered Lurker". So I logged out thinking I was wasting bandwidth. I cruised the forums, logged out, till I found something. Log in... post... Shizam!... my title changed! Oh, NOW I get it!!! Maybe some lurkers are people who don't get it...?
  10. MacWadMaker


    I smoke about 10 a day. I respect non-smokers. After work I smoke a fatty.
  11. MacWadMaker

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    I picked grill my own, cause I just bought a new Q this summer. But it's getting to be rainy season, so fast food of choice would be IN n OUT or Carls Jr.
  12. MacWadMaker

    Demos on Mac?

    I was wondering if anyone knows a utility to record lmp's on a mac? There used to be this program called MDU - Mac Doom Utility, but I can't find it on the net anywhere. Does anyone know where to get this or how to write a demo using keystrokes in a text file or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. MacWadMaker

    Demos on Mac?

    Thanks all, I am going to try PrBoom. Can it export the demo as lump/data file that I can import into another program?
  14. MacWadMaker

    IPX and Cable?

    Can IPX use a cable modem connection, or does it need a dail tone? Does anyone still IPX?
  15. MacWadMaker

    IPX and Cable?

    Second board member to ask about my cave... It's dank and smelly, with a fairly new iMac and some OLD software. I am running OS X and have the Legacy Port... was just wondering if anyone uses IPX and the original Doom games to DM, or has everyone moved on to ports of the engine?
  16. MacWadMaker

    Where Did Your Title Come From?

    99,999... at my current rate of posts, I'll be dead.
  17. MacWadMaker


    Fingerskate... No Real Skate... Yes, no tricks... just speed wabbles Yo-Yo... Yes, infact at one point paid $50 for one Pogs... Like 200 or so in my closet for endless Comics, Cards and Collectors Crap of all types... I'm a total Pack Rat... I have StarWars cards from the first movie.
  18. MacWadMaker

    Rosa Parks passed away, Age 92

    Kid Rock... not M&M's As for Rosa Parks... thanks for going against the grain. More people need stand up and not take being treated as a second class citizen, for whatever reason. (Race, Gender, Religion, etc.)
  19. MacWadMaker

    10 movies in the past 5 years that don't suck

    Here is mine... (not in any kind of order) Dawn of the Dead (Was good, sucked for comedy) Land of the Dead (Was a great sequel) Shaun of the Dead Harold & Kumar The Transporter Bad Santa Fahrenheit 9/11 Dodgeball Elf Dagon (so bad it's good)
  20. MacWadMaker

    10 movies in the past 5 years that don't suck

    It sucked cause it was more comedy than a Zombie flick. Land of the Dead was KILLER!!!
  21. MacWadMaker

    HD Monitor Help

    I never really cared for LCD's, as I am a graphic artist. The image quality is not as good as a tube monitor. I love my sony trinitron. The only thing with tubes is the VLF emissions, which are gonna ruin my brain and eyesight someday.
  22. MacWadMaker

    Baron of Hell

    I are is gramatically challenged.
  23. MacWadMaker

    Baron of Hell

    Demon Poo! http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9841 Thanks to myk for link - ROFL!
  24. MacWadMaker

    First word on the doom movie

    I should get Netflix... I'm just not too fond of Blockbuster, which is the only place in town. Damn giant chain stores!
  25. MacWadMaker

    First word on the doom movie

    I think I would rather spend the money to see it at the theatre once and hate it, than to buy it on dvd... watch it once... hate it... and own it.