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  1. The-Meister


    In a number of newer FPS games I have noticed that you can play with a team. You have the option to play with 2 or 3 computer controlled characters. I have been thinking that this would be a great addition to Doom! Does anyone know if this would be possible in Doom? The-Meister
  2. The-Meister

    ZDoom Multi

    I was recently told that ZDoom has bots, how do I play with the bots! I also have trouble playing online using ZDoom in the Doom Connector! Can anyone help?
  3. The-Meister


    I'm new to Doom modding and only downloaded ZDoom recently!!! I'll try the bots!!
  4. The-Meister

    Doom Modding Tools

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me which tools I should use to create a Doom MOD and where to download them? This would be a great help, Thanks The-Meister
  5. The-Meister

    Doom Sprites!

    Hi, I am fairly new to Doom modding and was wondering if anyone could tell me where I can download some weapon sprites! Thanks The-Meister
  6. The-Meister

    Doom Modding Tools

    Thanks for all of the advice, I have tried XWE, but I will try Edge aswell!! I have already download Doombuilder and will use that to create the maps!!
  7. The-Meister

    Doom Modding Tools

    I have got XP so I'll try WhackEd, thanks!
  8. The-Meister

    Doom Modding Tools

    Thanks, I have already downloaded XWE and doombuilder and I will get the others you suggested! Thanks again, The-Meister