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  1. Why the fuck do so many legendary people get sick like this? Why can't it be us peasants?
  2. Xtife

    Ask Me Anything with id Software

    Bah, Tim Willits isn't there? Always wanted to tell him what a twat he is.
  3. Xtife

    Doom 2016 Graphics Study

    I read the persons name for a minute as Adrian Carmack
  4. Well color me fucked, I never had high hopes for the game but I will concede defeat looking at this.
  5. Xtife

    Q. Updates? A. Updates!

    Agreed, and I think the majority expect this with sequals or remakes and such. And then it's a huge disappointment when it isn't the same or similar. I liked Doom 3 for example but the majority didn't.
  6. Xtife

    Q. Updates? A. Updates!

    Nice to see they are on the ball. SnapMap is still a glorified mario maker for FPS though and no updates will fix that.
  7. Xtife

    Ultra Nightmare Succumbs To Zero Master

    Seriously? how much more console-fied is this game?
  8. Xtife

    A New Doom Game Came Out

    When do we get to see the movi... /gets shot
  9. Xtife

    Ancient Aliens RC1 Released

    My anus is ready for this.
  10. Xtife

    Blackroom Kickstarter Postponed

    This is a smart move, though they should have been ready to go before hand.
  11. Xtife

    John Carmack wins a BAFTA

    Great that he won the award, he deserves it for what he's done to gaming. But to say he's just getting started? He's delusional. VR is nothing but a fad like 3D monitors and tablet computing. If the once greatest game developer is having these illusions of grandeur, then I think it's time for him to retire.
  12. Xtife

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    Wow, RIP Ty. We have truly lost a legend.
  13. Xtife

    Have you seen my chainsaw?

    Talk about downward spirals. Id software has been in the toilet since getting bought out and with Mythbusters having lost it's soul last year I guess this pair up was perfect. Now they can be lost and forgotten together.
  14. Xtife

    Mythbusters tackles DOOM!

    Tim Willits and Doom 3 BFG edition should not be considered credible in this context. But what can you do, things have gone to shit these days. It's too bad this was never done when ID was in it's hayday.
  15. Xtife

    Motion blur?

    Motion blur is retarded and effects like this are part of the cancer that is killing modern games. Why would you ever want it let alone in a game like Doom?