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  1. So there's this fool on IRC who's always bitching whenever things aren't going his way, acting like a know-it-all, talking smack to the ops (who are required to be lenient by the channel rules) and so on. I (and a few other users) have tried telling this guy to settle down, but that only makes him the more bitchy.

    So I decided to give this person the cold shoulder and not speak to him, but not actually use the ignore mode on him. Soon, as I suspected, he comes to believe that I DO have ignore mode on him, and the following comments are issued to the channel:

    * Taliwaker dress's Draconio up in a cute little suit with a tie and combed hair, gives him a lunch basket with mighty morphing poer rangers on its side, and sends the infantile gimp off to school "Play nice now! Come back when your grown up!"
    <Taliwaker> Actually being on his ignore is a good thing in a sense. Till he grows big enough testicals to take me off his ignore I can just make him the laughing stock of the room =)
    <Taliwaker> If I wanted to be a evil little shit I could just switch IP's and bug Draconio all night but I am bigger then that
    <Taliwaker> I dunno it just that ppl who set ignore and don't say why remind me of those kids playing basketball, when they start to loose so they take their ball and go home

    I see. Putting someone on ignore without notice is immature, but making juvenile insults about said person behind their back is OK. Way to go, fool.

    I suppose some readers are going to think that by making this post I'm no better than he is. I don't care. He is the one with the insults, and he said them in the channel so it's not as if I'm posting private messages. I'm just going to sit back and laugh at what a fool he makes himself look like trying to offend me, until he gives it up, or becomes obnoxious enough to attract a ban.

    1. AndrewB


      The problem with IRC is that it's polarized into 2 kinds of channels.

      1) Ops ban people for little or no reason, or because they're not part of the clique.
      2) Ops are not allowed to ban people, even for the most logical and justified reasons.

      IRC is basically the most chaotic, inefficient, malfunctioning kind of community there is.

    2. Fredrik


      AndrewB said:

      IRC is basically the most chaotic, inefficient, malfunctioning kind of community there is.

      There are plenty of very well functioning IRC channels. They're all though either topic-centric (such as software development channels), or semi-private.