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  1. I've discovered today that there are a few things wrong with my computer. Make that, a few more things wrong with it. Now it's been "quirky" for a while, but with these new additions, it's getting closer to just plain screwed up. I'm going to have to do something about it pretty soon, unfortunately I don't know what yet.

    Things currently wrong with Draconio's computer:

    - Refuses to acknowledge video card's acceleration capability.
    - Buggered MSIE, trying to reinstall it only made things worse, as now programs are bitching that it is not installed.
    - Broken CD-ROM drive doesn't read discs reliably, sometimes it just spins.
    - Double-clicking on a folder icon defaults to "Search" instead of "Open", annoying but tolerable.

    1. DarkWolf


      Get a new CD rom drive and reinstall windows.