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  1. Bah. This has been a lousy day.

    First off, I was reading various comments on the erosion of our constitutional rights. Now that's nothing new at all, but never ceases to piss me off when I hear too much of it.

    Secondly, the strife in one of the IRC channels I frequent has continued to escalate. Some of the users, myself included, have begun to break into a seperate faction as a result of the founder's inept decisions and his asshole friend whom he values above us.

    To put icing on the cake, I think I've got a fucking Blaster Worm variant. My system just began showing the symptoms (that weird reboot) but the repair tool I used claims it didn't find any instance of the Blaster Worm on my computer.

    Yeah, that's pretty negative isn't it?
    Be happy with what you've got
    Look to a brighter future