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  1. See poll. I'm bored.

    1. darknation


      Barry the Imp screamed in tribulation. What luck, he thought, that his mother had been exhumed on this very night, right at the very momment when Barry had forsaken his chances of a quick shag.

      He slapped the corpse around a bit, goading the rotting flesh into action. "C'mon, bitch! Get jiggy! Make with the sexy moves! Stop being so damned apathetic about it all, it's your lucky night!"

      Barry's pestilent, smegma ridden cock lept to attention as his mother's head fell off. He spat a phlegmatic ball of mucus and spit into his mother's crotch to lube her up a bit.

      Pump pump pump, went the Barry as he humped his headless mother wildly.

      Barry's spikey dick pumped back and forth, eviserating his mother from the inside. Wet intestines, shite and vomitus covered his thrusting hips as he screamed his ejaculation into the night.

      "Hot damn!" said Barry in the aftermath, "I guess sallow would be my favourate word because I don't have a fucking clue what it means!"

      The End.

    2. MaTT [TiK]

      MaTT [TiK]

      Ooo, I was the first to vote. I like smegma cos I'm a Red Dwarf fan. Damn, I don't mean I like smegma, I mean I like to use the word.