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  1. sensei_otakuu: yay! @ CHOBITS Episode 1-26 Complete DVD BOXSET NEW!
    sensei_otakuu: hmm... this can't be right?
    sensei_otakuu: Starting bid $15.00 Chobits episodes 1-26 complete DVD boxset ( P&P cheap)
    sensei_otakuu: o_O;; @ History: 0 bids
    sensei_otakuu: OMG
    sensei_otakuu: I wonder if anyone will suddenly bid today for it
    sensei_otakuu: damn it, this is too good to be true?
    sensei_otakuu: * see's Draconio gone to fap or something?
    draconio2001: no, it's just that you're boring.
    draconio2001: actually, I'm drawing something, but I'm still at my desk
    sensei_otakuu: ~_~;; Draconio: no, it's just that you're boring.
    sensei_otakuu: talk to my hand then beyatch!! >,>
    sensei_otakuu: why am I boring?
    draconio2001: * bites off sensei_otakuu's fingers of his hand *
    draconio2001: because I'm not particularly interested in your purchases of shit?
    sensei_otakuu: ...
    sensei_otakuu: you mong!
    sensei_otakuu: jewdis! ~_~;
    draconio2001: rofl, wtf? jewdis?
    sensei_otakuu: xD
    draconio2001: Judas?
    draconio2001: As in the guy that betrayed Christ?
    sensei_otakuu: lol
    sensei_otakuu: yeah!
    sensei_otakuu: spelt it wrong you Jew!

    1. Coopersville


      Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaah.... He said "Mong"