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  1. swantz

    Recurring dreams

    My dreams are usually pretty random. Although the dreams I've been having lately have been uncomfortably vivid.
  2. swantz

    "LOL" Doom Moments

    How is this done?
  3. swantz

    BSG Mod for FS2

    If anyone here likes Battle Star Galactica I may have a treat for you. DivX= game-warden.com/bsg/Video/BSG_Mod_Teaser.avi -12 mb WMV= http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/Video/BSG_Mod_Teaser.wmv -11 mb Some Screenshot goodness It's a mod for Freespace 2. It's hosted at Game Warden with assistance from the main FS2 community over at Hard Light Productions. Be aware that it's still in it's early stages so what you see is not nearly how good it's going to look when completed. Oh and P.S. If you don't have Freespace 2 that can be fixed, just join the boards at HLP and you will be guided from there. EDIT: Almost forgot to link to the mod's homepage. http://www.game-warden.com/bsg/
  4. swantz

    Quake 4 - Fun!!

    I haven't beat it yet but the part that kinda gets me are the torso power producing things. Just looks ****ed up.
  5. swantz

    A little salty

    My dog ate a battery once... and it cam out the other end wiht a big dent in it but not punctured. And my dog turned out fine :) But we didnt know when ate it until we saw it in a pile in the driveway **
  6. swantz

    Demo Conversion

    Thanks for the help! This thread can be locked now.
  7. swantz

    Demo Conversion

    So in other words unless I buy some $3000 new pc (or upgrade this one out the wazoo) I can't do too much?
  8. swantz

    Demo Conversion

    I bought FRAPS not too long ago but the FPS lowers ridiculously when I use it Zdoom drops from around 200 or so FPS on 1024*768 to 12 or so, and Zdaemon drops form 30 to 12 as well. Other games that are much bigger memory hogs and much more graphically demanding don't cause this problem.
  9. swantz

    Demo Conversion

    Is there any way to convert Zdaemon demo files int .avi format? Thanks.
  10. swantz

    whats your first memory?

    I remember once when I was that age I had something similar happen. I was laying on the couch drinking a milkshake shen I closed my eyes for a second and I was literally floating outside of my body. Everything looked golden and I could even see myself siting there wtih my mom and granny. I moved around as if I were a fly. Of course, maybe I'm just crazy O.o
  11. swantz

    whats your first memory?

    playing around in my granny's back yard with a bunch of other kids when I was like 1.5 or something during a massive family reunion. It's so old the memory is in black and white. My short term memory must be f**ked though, I can hardly remember last week.
  12. swantz

    Which Card?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814102299 This 9800 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814130202 Or this 6800
  13. swantz

    I need a WAD! or help

    Fact is I need other players to still be visible. To be more specific I just need some sort of camera mode.
  14. swantz

    I need a WAD! or help

    Thanks for the info and the smartass comment. :D Using Zdaemon so I doubt that.
  15. I need something that totally removes teh wepons graphics and the health status bar any help is appreciated! Also if theres any such thing for DOOM 3 taht would be nice too. Thanks for any replies.