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  1. damned

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This is pretty amazing imagination of real hell on earth!
  2. damned

    Post a picture of yourself!

    He said it is kind of an older picture. :) Hi Sam, how are you? I like you in Django!
  3. damned

    LAN in Prague

    This is probably the first time I see any picture or video from that action. BTW, @Gusta, just finish the KS2. You make people cry. Are you that heartless? :)
  4. damned

    THT: Threnody

    All the maps are above average, but this is Legendary wad because of Ty and Map10, which is true masterpiece of art. 5/5
  5. damned

    November 5th

    Nice map with good details made with standard textures. I like the non-linearity of it. Cybbie in the end was quite tough, so it is better to find at least plasma in secret first. 4/5
  6. damned

    Quarantine Breach

    Nice simple E2M1 replacement. I like the beginning of the map, where you had to navigate to get at least the SG and some ammo to get rid of the cacos. On the other hand I didn't like the red key area, which was too cramped, but the ammo here was nicely balanced. 4/5
  7. damned

    No Sleep for the Dead

    Vanilla classic gameplay and level designed. I've enjoyed it a lot. 4.5/5
  8. damned

    Ancient Aliens

    One of the best megawads I've played in last few years. Great design, gameplay, story. 5/5
  9. Definitely czech (my native), then chinese (trying to learn), english (daily work). I can speak little bit german, but don't like it too much. Most funny languages for me are finnish and hungarian. ;)
  10. Hey! Don't dare to change the name you BUZERANT! :D Check if you are not using flat textures on walls.
  11. Back then, I was using DoomCad, which was super user unfriendly, but it had 3d view feature long time before other editors had it. So it was like: Let's create few sectors. Start 3d mode. Wait 15 minutes to load the view. Wooow! I am the best architect ever!
  12. Thank you! So I've decided to make some workaround. I've built conveyor belt with voodoo doll and two active lines on it - floor lowers to lowest floor and floor raise to highest floor.
  13. damned

    Things about Doom you just found out

    "Perpetual lowest and highest floors" line action doesn't start moving the floor always the same direction, but randomly. Sometimes it starts moving the floor up, sometimes down. (thanks Gez).
  14. Hi, I am trying to model perpetual moving lift with "Perpetual lowest and highest floors" vanilla or at least boom linedef action. I wanted to make the lift more fancy with more different sectors. The highest and lowest floor is set with dummy sectors outside the map. Unfortunatelly it doesn't work how I would expect. Some sectors start with direction up, some with direction down, which is spoiling the effect (see the video below). It looks that even in the same map, the direction of the movement is randomized every start of the map (different sectors are moving up and different down). :) Do you have some idea, how to ensure, that the floor movement will be synchronized?