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  1. I have a secret in my Boom compatible map, where player switch a button, and bonus will fall on his head from newly opened door above him. The problem is, that so far the game is not counting it as secret. I've tried to use Voodoo doll in dummy sector. The switch opens the door also for the Voodoo doll and it enters another dummy secret sector. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Is there a way how to reveal secret without player entering any specific sector in vanilla or Boom?
  2. Zones of Fear - Map23 :)
  3. Nice work! Is there some feature to compare total health of monsters and total damage possible to deal according to available ammo? :)
  4. It looks darker then it really is :-/
  5. I remember, that to run Doom, we had to start our 486 4MB ram (my dad won some money in TV show so he bought us PC) in safe mode. So we had to push F8 (or F5?) during the booting of the PC.
  6. RTC-3057 hub 2 Kama Sutra 2 (I've seen lot of maps from it and also submitted bonus map to Gusta, but he unfortunately doesn't have time to finalize the whole thing)
  7. Voted for D2, mostly because of SSG. I like the map design and more horror atmosphere of D1, but D2 added so much diversity into monsters.
  8. In nineteens we have bought diskette with several shareware games and tools and there was also DoomCad included. In that time there were no tutorials and DoomCad was really user unfriendly and full of bugs, but we loved Doom that much that nothing could stop us to make our own map. Then the transfer to Doom Builder was easy like "I'm too young to die". :)
  9. Balancing difficulty is the most boring part of the design so I don't focus on it too much. In general I always build the map with idea of UV play and adjust the amount of enemies for lower difficulty levels. So there are just weaker enemies or lower amount of enemies. So in my case amount of health and ammo is the same for all difficulties.
  10. This comics has been originally published in 80s in Czech magazine ABC and Galaxia wad was definitely based on this story.
  11. Same project, but different map.
  12. Currently working on another map for our CzechBox project. With my speed of 1 map per year it is still far away from release. :)
  13. Cygnus IV was one of the first PWADs I've ever played and it had quite strong influence on my own maps. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/a-c/cygnus20
    Nice classic mapset of mostly short maps with good flow. Maps from the middle of the set were best. I have found some stucked monsters in walls and few maps weren't that good. 3.5/5 - Damned