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  1. Hey! Don't dare to change the name you BUZERANT! :D Check if you are not using flat textures on walls.
  2. Back then, I was using DoomCad, which was super user unfriendly, but it had 3d view feature long time before other editors had it. So it was like: Let's create few sectors. Start 3d mode. Wait 15 minutes to load the view. Wooow! I am the best architect ever!
  3. Thank you! So I've decided to make some workaround. I've built conveyor belt with voodoo doll and two active lines on it - floor lowers to lowest floor and floor raise to highest floor.
  4. Things about Doom you just found out

    "Perpetual lowest and highest floors" line action doesn't start moving the floor always the same direction, but randomly. Sometimes it starts moving the floor up, sometimes down. (thanks Gez).
  5. Hi, I am trying to model perpetual moving lift with "Perpetual lowest and highest floors" vanilla or at least boom linedef action. I wanted to make the lift more fancy with more different sectors. The highest and lowest floor is set with dummy sectors outside the map. Unfortunatelly it doesn't work how I would expect. Some sectors start with direction up, some with direction down, which is spoiling the effect (see the video below). It looks that even in the same map, the direction of the movement is randomized every start of the map (different sectors are moving up and different down). :) Do you have some idea, how to ensure, that the floor movement will be synchronized?
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariáš :D
  7. There are only few games I enjoy to play over and over again. Except Doom, these are: UFO: Enemy Unknown Diablo II Soldat
  8. What are you listening to?

    I've re-discovered Moonspell with their new album.
  9. Do you map on a pc or laptop?

    I don't care if I use laptop or desktop. I used to have only desktop, now I have only laptop. There are just few musts: I must have keyboard with numpad I must have mouse with wheel I must have beer
  10. How do YOU speedmap?

    How long does it take you to make maps like this? Are you able to finish all the work within 2 hours time limit?
  11. Italian DooM - Episodio 1

    I cannot say it was bad, but it wasn't great either. What we have here is map-set of 8 levels, mostly with average quality, average scripting and several bugs. There are some pits with no escape, some buttons are not working properly so there were some cases, where I had to use IDCLIP to continue.
  12. What was your first ever video game?

    I played some games before, but this was the first one on our own computer. Even it was not usual in Eastern Europe in late 80s to have computer at home, we had one. It was Delta, which was something like exact copy of ZX Spectrum+ distributed in Czechoslovakia in that time. If I am right, the first game (or at least on of the first games) we loaded from tape was Wriggler. https://youtu.be/w0fN8CmaXus
  13. Hi-Tech Hell 2 - Alien Tech

    Again one of the wads, that has been sitting on my drive for some time. I haven't downloaded Legacy, so I've tried it in Gzdoom. The look was little bit strage, with lot of fog, there were regular bugs in cutscenes, but overall it worked quite fine. It is amazing, how author used the features of advanced engine to create real 3d environment.
  14. Can you do this in Slade 3?

    In case you are using Vanilla, you can do this: 1) Make a window sector (for example ceiling 128 high, floor 64 high). 2) Make outside sector behind the window with F_SKY1 texture on ceiling (ceiling 160 high, floor 0 high). 3) Make sector, where the horizon should be with the F_SKY1 texture ceiling. It should have 0 height on the floor level of outside sector (ceiling 0 high. floor 0 high). 4) Keep the upper wall texture between outside sector and horizon sector without any texture.
  15. Can you do this in Slade 3?

    What exactly you would like to do? In case you want to create window with sky behind, you don't need to use it as a wall texture.