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  1. damned

    Blood is underrated AF

    I don't think Blood is underrated, but Blood II definitely is! I played this game many years back and I still remember plenty of interesting moments.
  2. Mathias often has pretty nice ideas for his maps, but he is often too lazy to put more effort to improve the visuals or balance the gameplay. I hate this, because it is wasting of material. This map for example used only shawn2 nearly everywhere, so when I was doing some bugfixing, I've added more variances of silver/shawn textures here and there. My touch is visible especially on Map23. :)
  3. I suppose you wasted lot of shell and ammo boxes in the start, so you have shortage later on. The megasphere secret is kind of tricky and the bad guy picture is involved in solution. Maybe you should not waste all your rockets on cute cacos. ;) But overall my maps are little stingy on supplies, especially on UV, where I expect people will find some secrets (berserk, plasma, megasphere, backpacks available in this map).
  4. Glad you like it. For me this is probably the best Jaedens map in this wad. BTW I don't consider myself as a project lead, but I am just pushing it to final release and as more experienced than others I've managed the resource pack, done some bug tracking and fixing, few corrections and balancing of the gameplay here and there. In fact we haven't rejected any map, since we wanted to encourage all to contribute so I wouldn't dare to speak about real quality assurance. :)
  5. You made a video of the only map, which we are going to exclude from the wad, because it is not original :D
  6. Thanks. In general I tend to keep the ammo and health on the edge in majority of my maps to push players to more tactical play, but later in the Megawad there are more maps focused on action. Also I expect, that players who play on UV will already know the layout of the map and will be able to find secrets. There is berserk in secret, that can balance the health for the map on UV. When I tested it I had enough of Ammo, but maybe aiming with keyboard is more difficult so you've spend more somewhere...
  7. No worries, it will become more complex ;)
  8. damned

    Favorite Fighting Game?

    MK2 MK3 (and all the modifications) Virtua Fighter Body Blows
  9. Thanks for all the comments about the CzechBox. I don't know if we will take them all into account now, but it could help less experienced mappers in future.
  10. damned

    CZECHBOX (first release candidate available!)

    During the ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival we found out, that one map is in fact not original, but has been used by the author already in other projects. We are now thinking about the change of this one, which could delay the release :D I was thinking about release date 28.9. (Czech statehood day and my name day), but maybe we will aim to 28.10. (Czech Independendence Day). :)
  11. Nice. I'll try to be there at least for some time. Most of the maps (especially from the first half of the megawad) are small sized, so not too suitable for coop, but lets see how it will work. :)
  12. We have just released RC1 of our CZECHBOX megawad, if you are interested. ;) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/2028105
  13. damned

    CZECHBOX (first release candidate available!)

    ____________________________________________________________________________ Update 19.9.2019: First release candidate available for testing and feedback! - CzB_v07e.zip ____________________________________________________________________________ Please feel free to play and give us feedback, if there are still some major bugs preventing you from finishing the map or something.
  14. Well... I tried to cut and paste just part of the map, where the line action didn't work. And suddenly after copy pasting, the same line works perfectly...
  15. Hi ketmar, We have tested our boom compatible mapset Czechbox also in K8Vavoom and we had issue with one Boom generalized action (17088). The error message says: "Slice index -1 is out of range (14346)" It happens when you trigger the line with target "Shortest Lower Texture". Other targets works ok, so I've just changed the design of the trap little bit and used "Lowest Adjacent Ceiling" and it works, but maybe there is some bug with the other trigger.