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Status Updates posted by stewboy

  1. I just wanted to share the one classical piece that had the most influence on my compositional style. Ancient Aliens could not have been the same without it!


  2. Have I mentioned yet that I'm moving to Glasgow in three months to study a masters in composition? Because I am!
    You can support me here if you'd like:

    1. GarrettChan


      Not much, but good luck at the study. Don't forget to make more Doom musics :P

    2. Doomkid


      That's awesome, enjoy the Glass Cow!

  3. So from mid June to mid July I'll be in London for some or all of the time (I haven't really organised accommodation yet, I might go to Paris or Germany or something for some of that time), anyone want to meet up/have any tips for where I should stay/eat/etc?

    1. Technician


      Just stay out of no-go zones.

    2. dg93


      I'd love to take a month off and visit Italy along with a few other countries sometime in my life.

    3. durian


      I'd recommend looking for an air bnb in a part of town that suits - much more convenient than a hotel/hostel. They will most likely be cheaper the less central they are, and central-London can be a bit much in the summer, since there are so many tourists (heh), so if it was me then I'd probably want to look for something in Zone 2 on the Northern side of the city (good transport links).
      Also definitely make some time to go to Paris - it's super easy to get there and back from London.

  4. Hey everyone, for anyone who doesn't know me I contributed a bunch of music tracks to Speed of Doom, Resurgence, and a few to several other wads (btsx e1/e2, pl2, cc4, reverie, interception, etc.)
    Well, I've been at work on a (non-doom related) album for a few months now, and I finally released it. It's mostly orchestral, in a kind of mix between classical and new age styles. Give it a listen! :)


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    2. Cupboard


      I haven't checked out your recent material, but intend to. Your midis are pretty awesome and I used a few in the Great Bicycle Mystery 2 because of their catchiness. <3 I still play on ZDaemon occasionally and you should too!

    3. stewboy


      I actually do! Mostly survival, but I come on whenever there's an interesting wad being played, and sometimes when sf2012 is on as well. Different name though, since I lost the password to my original account ages ago.

    4. Cupboard


      You should ask AF-Domains for password retrieval. He's a nice guy and a gatekeeper these days. Might be fun to wear the old pair of pants so to speak.

  5. Hi everyone!
    Some of you might already know of this but I made a mashup kind of midi containing elements from all 21 Doom 2 tracks - some obvious, some subtle. Pretty much just for fun. Thought you all might be interested to hear it!

    1. Megalyth


      Pretty cool :)

    2. Creaphis


      Fun. I was expecting something more like a medley, but this is more "stable" in structure and could actually make a decent level soundtrack if you made a looping version.

    3. Memfis


      Can someone reupload this please? I found it on YouTube but I'd like to have a midi too. Love this mashup, would be awesome to see a similar one for Doom 1. :)

  6. Hi guys!

    I thought I'd post my soundcloud page here, to get some of my non-midi songs out there. I've only got 3 songs up there so far but I will upload more as I make them.


    You are welcome to have a listen! :)

    1. Jimmy


      Barren Planet reminds me of something from Dungeon Keeper - very broody and atmospheric at the beginning, but then it progresses into something mysterious and emotive.

      Morning sounds innocent and playful. It's very easy to envisage the sun streaming through a window as it rises. Then, as the track progresses and more layers become apparent, the timpani really helps to create a vibrancy and energy to an otherwise placid and relaxing track.

      Clouds is very similar, as though it leads directly of off the previous. It's jolly and rhythmic. That's a very nice synth lead accompanying the strings and piano, too.

      These all sound very nice and non-repetitive - cinematic, almost, as if they're part of a movie score. I think they could easily work for something like that. Is this what you had in mind? :P

      Keep at it, dude! Quality work as always.