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  1. Hey everyone, for anyone who doesn't know me I contributed a bunch of music tracks to Speed of Doom, Resurgence, and a few to several other wads (btsx e1/e2, pl2, cc4, reverie, interception, etc.)
    Well, I've been at work on a (non-doom related) album for a few months now, and I finally released it. It's mostly orchestral, in a kind of mix between classical and new age styles. Give it a listen! :)


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    2. Cupboard


      I haven't checked out your recent material, but intend to. Your midis are pretty awesome and I used a few in the Great Bicycle Mystery 2 because of their catchiness. <3 I still play on ZDaemon occasionally and you should too!

    3. stewboy


      I actually do! Mostly survival, but I come on whenever there's an interesting wad being played, and sometimes when sf2012 is on as well. Different name though, since I lost the password to my original account ages ago.

    4. Cupboard


      You should ask AF-Domains for password retrieval. He's a nice guy and a gatekeeper these days. Might be fun to wear the old pair of pants so to speak.