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  1. So from mid June to mid July I'll be in London for some or all of the time (I haven't really organised accommodation yet, I might go to Paris or Germany or something for some of that time), anyone want to meet up/have any tips for where I should stay/eat/etc?

    1. Technician


      Just stay out of no-go zones.

    2. dg93


      I'd love to take a month off and visit Italy along with a few other countries sometime in my life.

    3. durian


      I'd recommend looking for an air bnb in a part of town that suits - much more convenient than a hotel/hostel. They will most likely be cheaper the less central they are, and central-London can be a bit much in the summer, since there are so many tourists (heh), so if it was me then I'd probably want to look for something in Zone 2 on the Northern side of the city (good transport links).
      Also definitely make some time to go to Paris - it's super easy to get there and back from London.