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  1. Hi guys!

    I thought I'd post my soundcloud page here, to get some of my non-midi songs out there. I've only got 3 songs up there so far but I will upload more as I make them.


    You are welcome to have a listen! :)

    1. Jimmy


      Barren Planet reminds me of something from Dungeon Keeper - very broody and atmospheric at the beginning, but then it progresses into something mysterious and emotive.

      Morning sounds innocent and playful. It's very easy to envisage the sun streaming through a window as it rises. Then, as the track progresses and more layers become apparent, the timpani really helps to create a vibrancy and energy to an otherwise placid and relaxing track.

      Clouds is very similar, as though it leads directly of off the previous. It's jolly and rhythmic. That's a very nice synth lead accompanying the strings and piano, too.

      These all sound very nice and non-repetitive - cinematic, almost, as if they're part of a movie score. I think they could easily work for something like that. Is this what you had in mind? :P

      Keep at it, dude! Quality work as always.