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  1. Yeah, that'll be unavoidable unfortunately, I just can't seem to resist constantly adding more portals everywhere. Thanks for playing it though, I'm glad you enjoyed it! A brief update on how this project is going - MAP07 is done, but I want to wait until I've done the music for it before putting it here. Here's a screenshot though!
  2. Previous title: Cubic1024 - a 1024-style map with Eternity's portals So after realising that I've had so many ideas for Eternity maps that don't all fit into a 1024-size space, I've rethought what I want this project to be. I'm not sure how I'll structure it but it'll have a few 1024 maps and a few bigger ones too. I'm also intending to write new music for each map. (30/08): MAP05 and its music are done, link below! (24/09): fixed a couple bugs here and there (12/10): MAP06 and its music are done, link below! (13/10): made a couple tiny changes Screenshots (one from each map): DOWNLOAD Note: It is recommended that you pistol start each map - or at the very least, if you're given a specific selection of weapons in a map, try and complete it just using those! (Also, jumping should not be enabled, though I think you'd have to manually turn it on yourself, and at that point you might as well iddqd as well.) Just drag and drop the .zip onto Eternity.exe, all textures are included. Requires Eternity 4.01.00 or later! (not that there's likely to be a later version for quite some time, of course)
  3. stewboy

    Question for midi composers

    Check out https://openmidiproject.osdn.jp/Sekaiju_en.html. I've never used it for actual midi creation, but it's got at least a few tools that are useful to me that my usual editor doesn't have (in particular, the ability to select all note events in the file and change their velocity). No idea if it can do what you want it to, but it's worth looking at.
  4. stewboy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This map is turning out slightly more complex than I thought it was going to be.
  5. I'm assuming the default one too. I've never actually personally changed any of the compability flags - it should work fine on a clean install of Eternity, so whatever the defaults are I guess.
  6. stewboy

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    That's the big one for me. You can have bridges, tunnels, and simple room-over-room setups with 3D floors (and I have even done so myself), but if you want to create levels that truly make the most of vertical space, portals are just so much simpler. Don't just think of room-over-room - think room-over-room-over-room-over-room.
  7. Thanks, skillsaw! I'm glad you liked it :) I'll try and fix the issues in MAP03. I don't know what I can do to further help the player understand they need to return to the start after getting the BK - I guess I'm depending on them already having noticed the RK area. The lava in MAP04 was never meant to be damaging, just another kind of floor - which maybe makes lava a weird choice. I'll try a different liquid. In MAP05 the skull switches are right at the beginning - I'll put them up the initial stairs though so you're more likely to run into them. And I'll put more stuff in MAP06. I guess because I was so used to how the map worked, I wasn't finding it very difficult. Gameplay has never really been my focus, I just like creating weird rooms that connect to more weird rooms. But I guess gameplay is still important to make it fun to play through! Here's a couple very-WIP screenshots of MAP07 as well!
  8. stewboy

    What level themes should I make?

    There's another way to make levels unique and memorable without necessarily having their own visual themes, and that's to have a unique gimmick to the layout instead. Have a big central setpiece that the level revolves around. Levels which are just disconnected room after disconnected room get very forgettable no matter what their visual theme is. The maps that tend to leave the biggest impression on me personally are ones that feel like one big coherent place. It might limit the length of the level, but I think a 5 minute memorable level is preferrable to a 30 minute forgettable one.
  9. stewboy

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    There's a few in development right now that I'm aware of, though nothing that would get released before 2021. Keep your eyes peeled!
  10. stewboy

    Why is Eternity not so popular?

    For me, its particular implementation of portals is definitely unique enough to justify making content for it. I've always been more of a creator than a player, so I don't particularly care about any sort of compatibility with anything else, or demos, or menu options. I care only about what I can create with it, and I've found that this particular source port has enabled me to explore my own mapping style in ways that simply wouldn't be possible in any other port. In fact, I've said this before and I stand by it: you can create the sorts of levels in this port that you just wouldn't really find in any other FPS in general, at least not without a great deal of effort and fiddling around. Or maybe that's just me being weird and wanting to create weird levels that nobody else would want to do anyway. I'm having a blast working on Cubic Worlds, and in the end I don't even terribly mind if only a handful of people play it, though of course I'd love to see it get more attention. It just really suits my own weird mapping desires.
  11. stewboy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    MAP07 of my Eternity project. I'm just making this one up as I go - still in its early stages, of course.
  12. stewboy

    In search (eternity engine map) (demo)

    I had a play through just now, on ITYTD. I think that was a good difficulty setting for me - I only needed to reload a save once, near the end. I enjoyed the map - it was fairly cramped, but I got used to it by the end and didn't mind too much. I only once got lost, but not for long. I also never found the plasma rifle - I'm assuming there is one, considering there's cell packs everywhere. I was able to rely on rockets though - there were loads available on ITYTD. I also liked the map visually, it felt quite consistent.
  13. stewboy

    Original WAD Soundtracks With Distinct Themes and Leitmotifs

    The closest I've ever come to something like that is in my current project that I'm writing for, a lot of my tracks are using similar harmonic ideas, based on stacked open 5ths. I was worried that this would be considered as a lack of imagination if anyone noticed - maybe I should just say that I've been doing it deliberately to make it a more cohesive soundtrack! Other than that it has literally never even occured to me that this is a possible thing to do. I guess you would really need to have a project all of your own to pull this off, rather than several people writing for the one mapset which is more normally the case.
  14. MAP06 is done - link in the first post! Have a go at it if you want to fight some cute baby cacodemons.
  15. stewboy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Finally finished the layout for MAP06 of my Eternity project!
  16. stewboy

    ID Games release - "f&*% You, Escher!"

    I spent several minutes trying to run it in Eternity before remembering that there were other source ports capable of achieving portals too. I love that you're playing around with these ideas - I personally really enjoy weird/mind-bending architecture. I'd definitely encourage you to check out the Eternity sourceport, which is capable of doing a lot of this sort of thing and even more. As for that Escher artwork you posted, I actually tried to recreate that myself a couple years ago. Turns out it's really difficult to get just right, you have to be careful with your texture choices to not make everything too obvious, and it only works when viewed from one perfect angle. Feel free to make a better/more interesting job of it than me though!
  17. stewboy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some more slow progress on my blocky map!
  18. stewboy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I got a bit silly with this idea
  19. stewboy

    Extremely Hot Take About Classic Doom

    For those who said they didn't watch it or didn't need to watch it, keep in mind the quotes aren't coming from the guy in the thumbnail, he's quoting other people and then reacting to them.
  20. MAP05 is done - link in the first post!
  21. stewboy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    MAP05 of my Eternity project 'Cubic Worlds' is going to be an E1-themed one, with a few additions here and there. It's a little bare in places at the moment but hopefully it's fun to run around in - I decided to put some portal shenanigans into this one. Should theoretically have it out next week - just need to add monsters, maybe put a bit more detail in, and write the music for it.
  22. stewboy

    20,000 secrets!

    This thread was created before the forum updated to allow attachments in posts. The download site in the OP appears to be down - the best thing to do in a situation like this is usually to PM the author (Xaser) to ask if they can reupload it somewhere.
  23. stewboy

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Oh that's weird. Maybe this is the Doom equivalent of berenstein/berenstain? Were these rooms EVER exposed to the sky? Maybe in the shareware version?
  24. stewboy

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I was going through Doom's first episode today, looking for inspiration for an e1-style map I'm working on, and when running through E1M6 I discovered something that blew my mind. The ceiling in these rooms in the 'maze' section is not actually F_SKY1! I don't know why I thought that it was. It's been years since I properly played these maps, but even so, in my mind these rooms always opened up to the sky. This has completely changed my perception of this part of the map.
  25. stewboy

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Another action shot (I'm on the left), taken from my brass band's performance at the Scottish Championships earlier this year - we won! I could probably even share the video if anyone's interested.