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  1. Higher Game

    Multicore hypothetical question

    Cool. But is there ever a possibility of new hardware making Doom impossible? I heard our CPUs are all x86 and will be replaced by x87 someday.
  2. Higher Game

    Multicore hypothetical question

    This will sound crazy. I see lots of maps with insane levels of detail, and I doubt that having a multicore processor would help. It looks like single thread performance is a thing of the past, with slow-clocked multicore processors becoming popular. Do you worry that "modern" hardware will struggle to play Doom after a while? I think a 1024 core processor running each at 40 Mhz might be nice to play Half Life 13, but I somehow doubt if it could play Doom well. Am I crazy?
  3. Higher Game

    really wierd doom vids

    Hahahhaha! I love that wrestling one. I used to watch wrestling every monday night. It was so much better when I thought it was real.
  4. Higher Game

    Scariest sound?

    The Archvile is EASILY the scariest monster in any game, and the sound is the scariest sound, that laugh he does.
  5. Higher Game

    Who uses 3d sound?

    Let me guess. You use 3d sound? ;)
  6. Higher Game

    Who uses 3d sound?

    http://trippythis.ytmnd.com/ I was wondering about this. I don't know if Doom is too old to do this with headphones or not. I haven't ever tried the 3d sound option.
  7. Higher Game

    Who uses 3d sound?

    Is this helpful? Will it work in multiplayer? What does it do? Can it work with headphones? Please explain how it works.
  8. Higher Game

    Why is jumping impossible for left straferunning?

    I got this computer at Best Buy and it looks like a good deal when you see the "free" monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and free "software" (read:spyware) on it. Yes, I even got the extended warranty... Even if I were to make a computer today, from the sweat of my brow, it would cost me more than to just buy it at Best Buy. They sell the individual pieces at inflated prices. Even now, a 6600GT costs like $220 at the one closest to me, with 6800GT the best they have at like $300. Everything would be different if ordering stuff online were safer or I moved elsewhere.
  9. Higher Game

    Black Doomers?

    I'm white and proud.
  10. Higher Game

    Why is jumping impossible for left straferunning?

    I used to play with the arrow keys until I switched to WASD and I got so much more skilled just from that switch. I'm not leaving the WASD sweet spot just because I have a cheap keyboard. I'm just going to get a new one. Someone who can do this without a problem, please say what keyboard you use!
  11. Higher Game

    Why is jumping impossible for left straferunning?

    I'm too used to my key configuration now. I'm willing to get a new keyboard to fix this problem. What's a good keyboard?
  12. Higher Game

    Why is jumping impossible for left straferunning?

    I have autorun on, so I'm just holding 3 keys down at once when I strafejump. When I reversed the key bindings, the situation reversed; I could strafejump left, but not right. I think it's the keyboard... :( I feel violated. Not only did I get a cheap ball mouse and cheap 60 Hz refresh CRT monitor with a whopping 640x480 resolution, but HP gives me a cheap keyboard too. They do that just to save a couple cents while I pay thousands for their garbage!!!!!!!!! I might just buy a Dell to spite them. Do Dell keyboards work with more than 3 keys at once? If not, what keyboard should I get?
  13. Higher Game

    BFG makes no sense

    It's just so much though. It should just work logically like a rocket launcher that has really big rockets that can't hurt the guy firing it. Even if I did understand fully the current BFG, it still needs to be fixed. Notice that Id even fixed it in their later games when they had more experience. No one had a problem with adding jumping and free aim to Zdaemon. Why is the BFG such a sacred cow?
  14. Higher Game

    Why is jumping impossible for left straferunning?

    I don't have any other keyboard. This is just the one that came with the computer. Can I test it in any other way?
  15. Higher Game

    Why is jumping impossible for left straferunning?

    It's a Hewlett Packard keyboard, but it has no numbers or anything else on it to tell me anything. It just says Hewlett Packard. Would a Dell keyboard work better?