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  1. Se7enDeadlySins

    Mystery Poster

    Yea, never did understand the attachments on the hands of those guys...and yea i guess your right...they do look more like barons I suppose. Still, the mystery thrives...what gives with the lacking of being able to find more? Was it that limited of an edition? you guys think there will be a poster with doom 3? I must know! ARG!!! >:-0
  2. Se7enDeadlySins

    slow doom

    Personally, I played "slow" with just the keyboard when I first bought the game several times. One of the fun parts of replaying today is seeing how fast you can blaze through a level 'n spank those damned par times :-)
  3. Se7enDeadlySins

    Mystery Poster

    I remember long long ago when I bought my very first copy of Ultimate Doom, after rumaging through the box with glee at my new game o' death and destruction that I had to wait in anguish for until I could gather the money that isnt so easy to gather way back when, I was pleased to find myself the owner of a nifty new poster, the loading screen on Ultimate Doom equipped with the marine in the foreground fending off a horde of Imps with what is I believe a chaingun and in the backround a marine running to his aide despirately and then at the bottom it had a bunch of (copied..not real of course) signatures. Well, i still have the very same poster but it's aging a bit. I wanted to retire the poor fellow, case it or somesort and get a new one to take its place in its little spot on my wall. To my dismay however, after scouring on ebay and the web, I've yielded nothing. Was this poster that rare? Or do the people that got them, just not want to give them up...or even worse, throw them away? Thanks!
  4. Se7enDeadlySins

    Of Topic - couple OS questions..

    Thanks for the info...much appriciated =) It's helped alot.
  5. Se7enDeadlySins

    Of Topic - couple OS questions..

    One... Is WindowsXP really as "good" as I've heard it is? Is it worth the money and my while? Would it help with modern game performance? Two What is Linux? I've never known anyone personally who's had it and so I've never seen it or heard much about it... Three How do you install two OS's on one HD and switch between the two? Is it safe? Will it destablize my system? Reason for this is I do not at the moment have a "doom machine" and I would still like to run all my doom games etc and well, XP wont allow that...
  6. Se7enDeadlySins


    I never really have much money to look at to effectively participate in this topic without spamming 'n such. =P
  7. Se7enDeadlySins

    Search for the missiong Screen Saver.

    But.......but....Shinny colors on screen..../me pouts I do have a nice wall paper though, rem that drawn doom pic with the marine reaching for the BFG that was posted on the main page for a while? I have that to stare at when I'm idly clicking about. THe screen saver thing isn't important, I'd end up disabling it again after getting annoyed with it after about maybe a week..*shrug* Just needed somethin' to do at 12:30 at night.
  8. Se7enDeadlySins


    I'm happy to say that I've had a successful reformat, thereby cleaning my HD of the mountains of crap I was to lazy to go through file by file to delete. Backing up things would've been a royal bitch without the trusty CD-RW...I rem trying it with floppy's and an online filestorage thing, I think it was something like "Driveway.com" or some crap like that. Damn I hated that thing. Also happy to say that all the Doom games have been the first to be restored to their glory and their respectable ports (JDoom & zdoom) have been reinstalled. At some point I'll start toying with this "Alchemy" thing for Doom/II & Heretic/Hexan. Came with a shitload of wads.
  9. Se7enDeadlySins

    Search for the missiong Screen Saver.

    I recently had to reformat my Hard Drive (explaining my lack of posts) and had THOUGHT I backed the thing up..but..I didn't. It was a real neat screen saver that had come with a doom theme I had gotten. Don't have the source of where I got the theme from though either, so i'm going to try to describe it here. It was a high rez SS, with all sorts of partical effects...it would do bursts (like fireworks) or look like fire, a mix of everything. You could choose from red, orange, lime green and I think blue. It's name was "Blaze." If it strikes anyone as familiar, and you could point me in the right direction, I'd be appriciative. Thanks =)
  10. Se7enDeadlySins

    Small DOS Games

    Where do you get these games from??
  11. Se7enDeadlySins

    Favourite Demons

    #$@$&@*!!@#(*!_@^#@!_@!)#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My picture symbol thing is now no longer there. First the quote goes bye-bye...now this! *cries* I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!
  12. Se7enDeadlySins

    Favourite Demons

    It's good to see the little guys do have a place in our hearts when it comes to slaughter =)
  13. Se7enDeadlySins

    In Lüt memoriam

    Very good words in the site man, very good words.
  14. Se7enDeadlySins

    My sudden bashing of Gamespy

    Long ago, before I found doomworld, in my search for a doom place I could call home, I tried checking if there was a "www.planetdoom.com" like with all the other games. Afterall, gamespy supports it on their site, they have quake and duke, therefor, they will have doom, right? Wrong. That was the beginning of last summer. I check back now, they have virtually left the site untouched, with no real layout, just a page with a paragraph stating something brief about the doom 3 vid. They don't even have a picture of the box or a screenshot where it should be, most of the game profile isn't filled in and the system requirement's are "unknown." I was feeling particularly irritable just now, and out of curiousity double-checked to see if the site had been worked on and found what I just did. Just wanted to vent here. Gamespy just irritates me alot now, don't know why.
  15. Se7enDeadlySins

    Favourite Demons

    What's wrong with the poor ol' Former human at the bottom of the list? I have to say I got the most enjoyment out of mowing entire lines of them down with the chaingun OR taking out entire squads with one DB-Shotgun blast. It's a pure slaughter fest. I agree with the above too, the PE can