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  1. TheOx

    Review my level!!

    do you know of any good texture packs with different "barren, dry, desert" like textures?
  2. TheOx

    Review my level!!

    but now, im having trouble because im making an outside area and the only textures i have been using is the 2 brown dirt textures and the 1 dirt floor/ceiling texture
  3. TheOx

    Review my level!!

    I know it may sound weird but i have a hard time using lots of different textures,Ussally i think that only a few of the textures best show the theme of the level, and many of the textures would be out of place and awkward(sp?)in this case I felt that a mainly silver area best reflected the theme of the level which was a sewer. But i am working right now on a few ideas, and im trying to use more textures.
  4. TheOx

    Adding a Sky?

    hehe, wow i never would have thought that was a sky, thanks! :)
  5. TheOx

    Review my level!!

    Yea i know, it just sucks when you spend so much time on something and then it gets 1 line of bashing in Newstuff. I am trying to use the feedback i am getting thats why i wanted a lot of reviews, thanks :)
  6. TheOx

    Adding a Sky?

    For my next project, im trying to make an area outside and I want to put up a sky, and the sky textures are side textures, and there are no ceiling textures that look like the sky, so how am i supposed to put one in, thanks to anyone who can help *using doom builder*
  7. TheOx

    New Weapons?

    How do you make new weapons? What map maker do you need and what art program do you need, i have paint shop pro and gimp 2
  8. TheOx

    Review my level!!

    the newstuffers are mean Was it really that bad for second wad
  9. TheOx

    The /newstuff Chronicles #267

    Youre mean!!! *cries* how come my wad always get horribly bashed in newstuff but its gets ok reviews on its download page. BTW, you suck at taking screenshots
  10. TheOx

    Review my level!!

    I have just made a new level and it ot on the site 2 dyas ago and i want to know how it is http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=14182 Its called the Infected Tower level 2, I hoep you like it! Also I want to know if its better than my first one which is the infected tower level 1, so if you want you could review that too. I would really appreciate advice, i want to make many more wads and get a lot better than this
  11. TheOx

    Easiest WAD Program

    Doombuilder When i started out, i aswell knew nothing and right now i cant say that im that great but i have made levels that i never thought i could
  12. TheOx

    Sector defaulting?

    Thanks ill try that out
  13. TheOx

    Test my wad!

    thanks! though my firend kinda released it...before i could...make changes :( but im gonna be starting the third level soon and ill use the things you guys said to mold an even better map
  14. TheOx

    Test my wad!

  15. TheOx

    Test my wad!

    Well i have checked it before, and really i havent found any bugs that hinder the game play meaning, no effectless switches no mirror effect, no teleports with no places to go stuff like that. almost all of those "bugs" are not even seen in the wad, and i need silver cause its a sewers level