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  1. Well I just woke up and this popped into my head after remembering making a map for the original doom in a DOS based editor (can't remember the name) about eight or so years ago. I'd planned out the whole thing on graph paper, but it wasn't exactly easy transfering my idea to the editor. So what I propose is simple in concept, but I don't know about complexity in code. Basically just the ability to load images into the background of Doom Builder so people can create blueprints beforehand if they wish and then trace them out. It's a feature that I think would save people alot of time and hopefully encourage people to plan out their maps a bit more. I don't think I've ever seen this feature in any other map editor for any game.
  2. Thorndraco


    Absolutely huge... scroll off to one side till you see a red boarder.
  3. Thorndraco

    Feature Request: Lesser feature idea.

    Ahh, okay; I think I grasp what you mean. It's not that odd of a feature when you compare how simmilar map creation in DB is to many CAD applications. Overall though I don't think it's a necessary feature for something like DB, just more of a bonus — a sort of relic from what I envisioned being the perfect editor as a kid.
  4. Thorndraco

    Feature Request: Lesser feature idea.

    I agree with the moving and resizing bit, though not sure what you mean by the latter. I also think that if the feature where ever added at any point that the image should be lockable and unlockable so it doesn't end up getting in the way instead of helping. Though I can't exactly imagine this as being a feature that would be too easy to add. May not be worth the effort needed in the end. Don't know myself since the extent of my programming knowledge basically only covers Q-basic, batch scripts, and HTML. Any thoughts if you wish to share them, CodeImp? Good/Bad?
  5. Thorndraco

    Multi-Line Split

    I concur; this feature would make DB feel alot more complete. I was trying to do some lighting effects and simple scenery and when I found this feature wasn't in there I was a little dissapointed becuase it was way too much work to try and do what I wanted to manually. Would love to see this feature.
  6. Thorndraco

    WAD association problems.

    I've been working on a map for the past few days and slowly picking at it, but now all of a sudden it seems to no longer have the Doom2 WAD associated with it and resetting it in the configuration seems to do nothing. Not only can I not access other textures from the Doom2 WAD, but I can't seem to use any of the ones already in my map either or Doom Builder will crash. Any insights as to what the problem might be?
  7. Thorndraco

    Feature request: more testing options

    I can't post files here, so here's a link. You can edit the batch file in notepad to customize the features (mentioning incase you didn't know). There's also a gif included to show you what you need to do to run the batch file from Doom Builder. Tested it and it works great... I'm considering even using this myself now. If anyone else is interested in this I'll make a much better version with menus and an easier way to set it up and such. http://www.blackdragonfx.net/simplelauncher.zip
  8. Thorndraco

    Feature request: more testing options

    Actually you can do this without any features having to be added to Doom Builder. I'll make a quick batch script with comments and then all you have to do is edit that... post it in a bit. EDIT: Actually I'm stuck on this now as well. I can't seem to get the batch file to call any of the %N% variable information that Doom Builder puts out. I'll have this figured out soon hopefully.
  9. Thorndraco

    feature request: middle texturing

    That is ********ly handy to know. EDIT: ... and that horribly confuses that it chose to censor that word.
  10. Thorndraco

    WAD association problems.

    Okay I resolved the crashing problem at least. I just rebuilt certain sectors and that seemed to fix it for some reason. The lack of texture options is still there though.
  11. Thorndraco

    feature request: middle texturing

    You can already do this in Doom Builder. Open the "Sidedefs" tab in the Linedef window.