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  1. doom3

    I want to use doom95 on windows 7

    That's what I was doing wrong. Thanks!
  2. doom3

    I want to use doom95 on windows 7

    if I drag and drop acheron2.wad into zdoom.exe, and the iwad selection box opens with four choices, ultimate doom, doom 2, plutonia, and tnt, which one do i choose and more importantly, what's the next step? If draggin and dropping is as simple as it sounds, then it's not working. If I have only one iwad in the same folder as zdoom.exe, and one custom wad, and I drag the custom wad into zdoom, it just loads the iwad.
  3. doom3

    I want to use doom95 on windows 7

    my main goal is to load custom wads, not necessarily to use doom95, i just know that loading wads with doom 95 is very simple and can't figure it out with zdoom. haven't tried prboom.. i might give that a try
  4. I can get doom95 to open just fine after I added dplay.dll, and I have no problem loading iwads and custom wads. I can even play the game... but it's pointless because this is how the game shows up on my screen, black and white and way too small: Is there any easy way I can fix this? by the way zdoom works great for me, but I can't get custom wads to load on it, it only accepts iwads... I've read other threads about this and they say something about dragging the custom wad into the zdoom.exe file which does not work, and they also mentioned using a command line, I tried that and can't seem to figure it out.
  5. doom3

    Video Card

    Ok, would you suggest just getting 768MB total or 1GB? Would a new video card still be necessary? Thanks!
  6. doom3

    Video Card

    I've got a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4 Processor and 512MB RAM. I've been running with 1280x1024 resolution! I thought that was just supposed to be the same as you have it set in windows.
  7. doom3

    Video Card

    I've decided that I want to upgrade my video card from a Ati Radeon 9600 Pro, it's kind of laggy sometimes and I have to run on low quality. I don't have too much money to spare so I was thinking about just going up to a Ati Radeon 9800. I found a 9800 SE 128MB for really cheap. I just don't know if that will make a big enough difference to be worth it. I found a 9800 Pro for a little bit more too. Thanks for any advice you can give me.
  8. doom3

    Level Maps

    Ok, I found them. Thanks!
  9. doom3

    Level Maps

    In which .pk4 file can I find the map files for the levels? I wanted to look at a couple and get an idea for what they are like. Thanks.
  10. doom3

    How can I change the cheats?

    It must be possible. I know they changed them in the In Hell mod.
  11. doom3

    How can I change the cheats?

    Is there a place in one of the .pk4 files where I can get to the cheats and change them? Thanks.
  12. doom3

    What are the must see DOOM 3 mods?

    Is there a place with a walkthrough or hints or anything for this one? I am so stuck in unholy chambers. I have been searching around in the underground part for over an hour and I cannot figure out what to do.
  13. doom3

    Betrayer - Heavy Metal

    This is a great heavy metal band I found, all of their music is free! Betrayer
  14. doom3

    Doom II Screen Saver

    I tried to download it here: http://www.doomworld.com/deskdoom/ but the link is broken. Is there another place to get it? edit: I found version 1.01, which I think I would like better than 2. But, I'm having trouble installing this one now. The install file asks for your doom directory and your windows system directory. I am pretty sure windows/system, windows/syustem32, or just /windows/ should be the right folder for XP, and for my doom directory, I tried my regular doom 2, zdoom, and prboom, but none of those work! I unzipped everything into all of those but it still gives me an error. Has anyone gotten this one to work on XP?