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  1. Thanks a lot, Grazza!
    Two more things:
    1)NWT said during the "add sprites" stage: "cannot find start/end of PWad (errors possible!)"- are there any errors?

    2)The original version- tested with regular doom2.exe, had removed all cheat codes- now they work again! I'd like to modify that manually but how do I remove (remove, not replace with others) the cheatcodes in a .deh?

  2. To Grazza:
    Thanks for the info but...
    Actually I was hoping to be able to play it even _without_ the weapon patch. Why? I did this:
    1) As the install .bat(obnorm.bat) said, I did:
    NWT.exe -merge obtic2.wad
    2) Then, with your commandline loaded in Prboom+, I played the first level... till I opened the first door. A message popped that said: "R_ProjectSprite: Missing spriteframes 43:0".
    What now? Could you check it out?

  3. First off, I did read the other threads that referred to Obituary's problems with newer ports, and then I tried about 20 times to "install" it manually (for PrBoom), by following closely Obituary's install .bat's- without any luck. (an "error in frame 43:0" message appeared in Prboom)

    As I don't know too much about Dehacked or NWT, could someone please try to make this wad work on anything else than vanilla DOOM 2, and then guide me to it?

    I'm sure that for someone who has some experience in those 2 tools and a bit of time, it souldn't be a problem.
    Obituary can be found here:
    Prboom can be found here:

  4. I downloaded the speedrun demos for Alien Vendetta in order to find the secrets but I'd really appreciate a textfile version (plus the lmp's have problems, like shooting at walls :)).
    So... where can I find that text?

  5. I started a new Hexen map: 2 separate sectors draw in Lines mode. I inserted a Player spawn then selected one whole sector still in Lines mode. Because every side was Unknown Texture, I right-clicked on it, went to Sidedefs tab and clicked on Unknown Texture. The Select Texture appeared with no texture; I pressed TAB to view all textures and got

    "Runtime error '424' Object required"

    Then DB exited.

  6. How can I export all the files from a specific section of the WAD? I tried to do this with the sprites section (Ctrl+A, then entry/ save as...) and it worked- however repeating the process with patches or sounds doesn't work (it only works with one file at a time, which is time-consuming).