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  1. Anarky

    why doom?

    Well, yeah it is! I've played-through it a few times, usually as a break from whatever my current game is. An expansion would be great. But, in the end, I always come back to DOOM.
  2. Anarky

    why doom?

    Pretty much says it all! When I wanna just run around and blast things - DOOM!!
  3. Anarky

    Just a newbish question

    One of my majors was RS!
  4. Anarky

    need help on Doom 3 PC

    "can Archviles create zombies? I've never seen it happen." - Janderson I haven't seen it, either. I've only seen Imps and higher. Again, was just trying to be diplomatic. In Doom 3 and ROE there is no flaming skull that spawns zombies, either. So, was reaching a bit in the quest for info.
  5. Anarky

    need help on Doom 3 PC

    Well, since you went ahead and said it DSM, your post pretty much sums-it-up for me. I was trying to "work and play well with others". But, based on these "descriptions" I am at a complete loss as to where the OP is "stuck". Neither desciption makes any sense as UAS Admin is the third level, and Caverns 1 is the "third from the last level". One would think Alpha or Delta as they are both lab areas and multi-sectional. So, until the level is named, OP is SOL for help.
  6. Anarky

    Stuck on Doom 3

    He's only vulnerable WHEN he's summoning the Watchers (they are his "eyes" and he is blind without them). If you're good enough w/the BFG, he CAN be taken down before he gets any Watchers summoned ('cause you're killing them as they are popping in - this keeps him in a constant state of summoning and vulnerable). He's summoning when the blue ball of light is above his head. Aim at the blue ball and try to hit it w/full BFG shots. IF he does manage to get the watchers summoned, you have to kill all three off before he will summon more. Same thing, concentrate your fire on the blue ball as he is summoning.
  7. Anarky

    ROE - Erebus Level 5 Enviro Suit Problem/Bug

    Good to know I'm not the only one.
  8. Anarky

    need help on Doom 3 PC

    UAC Administration is the third "level". Are you there, or Alpha labs section 4 (which is really level 7). If neither of these, gimme the name in this form. Soon as I know I'll run the level and see what your prob is.
  9. Anarky

    ROE - Erebus Level 5 Enviro Suit Problem/Bug

    Nope, no mods.
  10. In the sewers, if I let my oxygen run down to zero and then tried to pick-up an oxy canister, my oxy would continue to run down into negative numbers until I died?! I avoided this by simply not letting my oxy hit zero (chaingun was quite helpful for that), but it made the sewers kinda annoying until I figured out what was happening. Has anyone else had this happpen? Is it a bug, or is it the way its supposed to be? You know, like you get poisoned from the vapors?
  11. Anarky

    Nightmare Anyone??

    I'm with the "kill 'em all and they should stay dead crowd". Respawning monsters are just too damn annoying!
  12. Anarky

    need help on Doom 3 PC

    Only Archviles spawn new monsters. What exact level are you on? I don't have the game memorized.
  13. Anarky

    Just a newbish question

    Solid post Airman. There are other demons who are fallen angels. Those who sided w/Lucifer were all banished and became demons subservient to Lucifer. There are also other demons whom are fallen angels. They were banished for other infractions. Bertruger is clearly possessed, but he is not Satan/Shaitan.
  14. Anarky

    Another 'first' question.

    First time I saw DOOM it was DOS DOOM and it blew me away! I really couldn't get into WOLF 3D the graphics were just too cartoon-ish. Went right out an bought it (DOS DOOM)!
  15. Anarky

    Am I the only one who loved Final Doom?

    I haven't played either for a couple of years, but I enjoyed both of them! What's not to like about 64 extra Doom levels done quite well? They are permanent residents on my hard drive.