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  1. New Home Invasion..... http://speedy.sh/QUaZZ/homeinvasion2.wad
  2. New revision BAM http://speedy.sh/3GJFu/tapwatercrackhouseedition.wad
  3. Hey, fellas. In heeding some of dew's suggestions, I made some changes to my map. http://speedy.sh/JfWPC/tapwaterandmayosandwiches.wad
  4. Uh oh! Had to fix ONE misaligned texture. http://speedy.sh/vSGJy/tapwaterandmayosandwiches.wad New version of Tap Water and Mayo Sandwiches, fellas. Come and eat it up...
  5. New and much-improved version of Home Invasion on Thanksgiving, fellas.... come and get it.... mmmmmmmmm......... http://speedy.sh/rbgEz/homeinvasion2.wad
  6. Alright, revised my "Fast Food on Thanksgiving" map to add DEATHMATCH STARTS. http://speedy.sh/rbt6z/processedfood.wad
  7. New revision, baby: http://speedy.sh/RnJTU/tapwatercrackhouseedition.wad
  8. Alright. NEW revision of "Tap Water and Mayo Sandwiches." I redesigned the map to more APTLY fit the title. The new description? Here it is: Not everyone gets to see a turkey on the table for Thanksgiving. In fact, some people don't even have soda or juice boxes; they have to drink out of the tap and eat slices of Wonderbread slathered in mayonnaise to celebrate this all-American holiday. Come visit the welfare office to help yourself to a free meal. Too bad all the unhappy welfare recipients brought their guns with them, though, so it's gonna cost you a fight or two to get YOUR fill.... Good fucking luck. The new music is: Gary Moore - A Cold Day In Hell http://speedy.sh/hcKrP/tapwatercrackhouseedition.wad
  9. Alright, I made some changes to my "Tap Water and Mayo Sandwiches" map. I just resized the whole thing to make it smaller so it wouldn't be so goddamned huge and lowered the taller floor heights so people wouldn't have to strain their necks to look up and try to hit the dude standing on higher ground. Here it is... the revision.... http://speedy.sh/xExrq/tapwaterandmayosandwiches.wad
  10. http://speedy.sh/JfJJC/nautmaps.rar File name: tapwaterandmayosandwiches.wad Map name: Tap Water and Mayo Sandwiches Build time: ~3 hours Music: Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me Description: This is a bigass stone fortress built next to a cliff. What's it for? Who the fuck knows. You have to run around and try to find the best weapon to spam with. Good luck. File name: homeinvasion2.wad Map name: Home Invasion on Thanksgiving Build time: ~20 minutes Music: Tom_D - Untitled Description: This is a huge apartment with about fifty rooms. Looks like the holiday just took a dark turn; a lot of pissed-off people looking for cheap rent have to square off with nothing but their dukes and chainsaws to see who gets to rent the apartment. File name: processedfood.wad Map name: Fast Food for Thanksgiving Build time: ~50 minutes Music: Nautilus - Trouble Description: After affording only cheap, processed food for Thanksgiving, you find yourself in deep shit -- literally. Fight your way out of a large, circular sewer to the surface of the mess to get all the power-ups and weapons you need: radiation suits, light amplification goggles, computer maps, megaspheres, and more. Flush out anyone who tries to stop you.
  11. Nautilus

    The Psy Gangnam Style Phenonemon

    Right. Looks like you pseudo-intellectual pricks need to be a little more perceptive.
  12. Nautilus

    The Psy Gangnam Style Phenonemon

    You just answered your own delusional ass: because it's entertaining. Why? Well, it's entertaining for a variety of reasons (that Enjay stated right on the money): it's humorous, it's catchy, and even self-conscious (something that a peevish, self-obsessed dickhead like you would actually relate to). But, anyway, that boring, paltry song that you posted is clearly no match—not only does its number of views show this, but the music itself does as well. Like Ralph said, music is for dancing, and that's how the biggest producers we know of make a name for themselves. The fact that you think your ill-fated video game project essentially deserves to be better-known than a successful music production goes to show how sheltered and self-righteous you are—how unaware you are of people's common tastes. After all, there is a reason why certain products gain more popularity than others. There is more craft involved than you think, you depressed fuck.
  13. Good shit, good shit. Now make the knife a weapon, get some melee action going.
  14. This is sick. But what the fuck's the deal with the firebomb? The enemy will die only if it's a direct hit; you have to keep wasting missiles on everyone else in the room. Fucking ridiculous. This thing is supposed to wipe out a whole room with splash damage. Also, heat-seeking missiles tend to fly towards just one target until it's destroyed. I'm pretty sure the asbestos vest didn't work once when a deathfire monk blew up my ass. I haven't tried multiplayer yet, but I heard it's kinda fucked up. Please polish it because it was always the best part of the game. Lastly, here's a feature suggestion: Make the knife a weapon. Hell, add another weapon while you're at it. Something new. Another thing I noticed: in multiplayer coop, everyone sees the eye fly past him, no matter where the player is at on the map. The fuck, guys. C'mon.