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  1. Hells Angel

    need help on Doom 3 PC

    3rd last level, there mught be an archvile sumwere, mybe i hav to find it
  2. Hells Angel

    "bad music number 184" error

    I try to test my Doom 2 maps and when it starts it closes saying "Bad music number 184" what is this? it is unabling me to play custom WAD files anyone had this?
  3. Hells Angel

    need help on Doom 3 PC

    I have Doom 3 on my brothers laptop, we got to this part at the science labs then the lights go off and ur attacked by fat zombies carrying wrenches, We got through the door and fought some monsters then we got stuck, Because we had relised that we killed 1 of our survivors and he dropped his PDA, He is ment to open the next door for us, so we restarted, we got the door open but then the next door wouldnt open for anything! now he floating skull keeps making zombies apear! i really need help