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Everything posted by Cutman

  1. Cutman

    Serious Sam 3 Announced

    Very happy to see it's actually happening. I don't think Serious Sam 2 can hold a candle to FE and SE but I still enjoyed it more than most FPS games on the market these days.
  2. Cutman

    Best HELLISH atmosphere in a Doom wad?

    Claust.wad, map03 and 04 are fantastic hell looking maps.
  3. Cutman

    Doom Wiki

    I think NOT having the oasis theme as the default is a grand start, but other than that how can it be better? This is a very bizarre and random decision to suddenly change the layout. It seems a lot of companies are pulling that crap recently. Other than the GTA wiki are any other communities suffering, and planning to move?
  4. Cutman

    Doom 1 *Ultimate Doom* no longer on XBLA?

    I read somewhere (a while back) that games get taken off if they don't meat so many downloads over a certain period of time. Pretty weird that they'd do that, considering Doom 2 only came out not too long back and surely people who liked that would want to check out the original too!
  5. Cutman

    Which source port is "the best one"?

    I died a little inside after reading this topic
  6. http://tinycartridge.com/post/866743831/super-creepy-pokemon-hack Here's a story about a bootleg Pokemon game someone found called Pokemon Black edition. The story is probably bullsneeze but it's an interesting read!
  7. Cutman

    Pokemon Black - Creepy edition

    Google is failing me, link?
  8. Cutman

    Top 10 Doom Mods

    I dunno I think this is fairly accurate list HYUK HYUK HYUK! I don't think this list is serious in any shape or form, pointing out that they're wrong isn't worth the effort.
  9. Cutman

    Pokemon Black - Creepy edition

    The closest I've seen is the knife hack, which allows you to remove NPCs from the game forever, but apparently it's buggy as hell. Maybe it could be done with one of those fancy emulators that allows lua scripts? I've seen some crazy stuff done to games with that.
  10. Cutman

    Pokemon Black - Creepy edition

    But you can totally use Strength to push the truck and find Mew!
  11. Cutman

    Dimensions of Time

    I enjoyed it. I sometimes test out weapon packs with this map pack.
  12. You can lose in regular invasion too if you run out of lives. But the server has to change sv_maxlives. I think a lot of servers prefer infinite lives though (which I don't really agree with)
  13. Cutman

    PSX Multiplayer?

    Me and my friend used to have to take tv's around each others houses to play Doom. It was madness, but we didn't have a PC back then so it was the greatest thing ever when the weekend finally came and we could play Doom together.
  14. Cutman

    Favorite/least favorite skies

    Hmm? I don't think I've seen that (probably have in PWADs but still)
  15. Cutman

    Favorite/least favorite skies

    I don't think I like any of Doom2's skies. Doom's are cool though.
  16. Cutman

    Ugliest Monster

    The swamp things in hexen when they jump at you close up. Get your slimy pixels away from me you freaks!
  17. Cutman

    The Great mapper's block thread!

    This, unless I know those people actually know what the they're talking about. I happen to have mapper's block right now actually. I've made 35 DM maps for my project and I just can't come up with any more original layouts.
  18. Cutman

    Starcraft 2 is worth the buy, I said it

    File me under "Waiting for Diablo"
  19. Cutman

    Dumbest/Cheapest ways to die

    That one chain gunner you forgot about, who somehow has sneaked up behind you. Edit: Tripping over a beserk pack with hitscanners around
  20. Cutman

    Warning: hackers might use your blender against you!

    But even then, is someone really going to hack a blender with Wifi outside your house, then attempt to climb into your upstairs window while you take a second to turn it off?
  21. E1: Best - E1M1, is burnt into my memory forever Worst - E1M7, I still get lost in this one and it seems to take forever sometimes E2: Best - E2M8, showdown time Worst - E2M6, large amounts of monsters appearing after you got the keys made me paranoid. This is where I learned why saving is good. E3: Best - E3M9, Is it a glitch? Am I really playing the first level again?? NOPE! Worst - E3M7, I should probably know what teleporters go where but I just can never figure this out. Sooo much lava. E4: Best - not sure Worst - E4M2, brutal from the start if you lack weapons and ammo.
  22. Cutman

    PSone Doom... anyone remember it?

    I have 3 copies of the PSX version of Doom. The first one came with my PS1 when it first came out. The other two I've found in bargain bins for £5 or less. I was introduced to Doom through this version, and I still think it's the best one. Everything about it just felt spot on, and the atmosphere thanks to the coloured sectors and music was just <3
  23. Cutman

    Insert Token

    I finally beat the new episode. I really liked these maps, I think they pulled off the Doom feeling very well. I especially liked the way a lot of maps had secrets that lead to whole new optional areas with tons of monsters. I played on UV and found the difficulty just about right. Except for MAP05: Vivisection. I died on that map a hell of a lot, and ran out of ammo more times that I can remember. Still, I eventually ploughed through. The final battle with the Cyberdemon in that dark maze was pretty cool too. Oh and I missed the secret level :(
  24. Cutman

    KDiZD... thoughts?

    I got stuck somewhere and had to skip one of the levels, but I thought it was great. The last boss looked very out of place though. I think it should have ended with those two firey barons, just like Doom.
  25. Cutman

    What makes you nervous?

    Bugs in general. I hate the thought of any small living thing touching me, I don't know why. I hate spiders but I'm fine with the big hairy ones (of course, not if they're deadly). I used to be really nervous on the phone but I'm all right with it now. I'm still pretty nervous talking to people overseas though, because of my accent.