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  1. BloodAngel

    why doom?

    Halo is a great game. But Halo 2 is another story... Every shooter owes something to doom. It really set the standard at which every other game would be judged. The word "Doomclone" was freaken coined from it I mean comon! I dont think UnrealClone, or Quakeclone would work.... Even newer games sometimes refer back to the greatest of DOOM saying their game is just as good if not better.... LIES!!!
  2. BloodAngel

    How Do I Make An Outdoor Area?

    I actually didnt know that. Thanks man! My new project is a Space Hulk TC, currently the first floor of the starship is 1036 sectors :-) I am still looking for anyone that is good creating sprites. My main problem is doing the angles... The front half of my Space Marines look great though.
  3. BloodAngel

    How Do I Make An Outdoor Area?

    Interesting... If I could do that, Id ressurect my clone trooper TC.
  4. BloodAngel

    TC Proposal - SPACE HULK!!!

    Thanks. I'll be putting up a new screen soon, Im working on a genestealer sprite right now and adding more detail to the first level.
  5. BloodAngel

    TC Proposal - SPACE HULK!!!

    I'll have to take a look at that. Like I said before, this wont be simply a Weapons mod, with a few changed enemy graphics. I intend to make this a full TC.
  6. BloodAngel

    TC Proposal - SPACE HULK!!!

    So there is huh? A link to it would be nice... Im not looking to improve on anyone else's TC, I am doing my own. The classic Hulk levels have already been done enough, its time for something will more originality to be made. Though I havent seen the other Hulk TC thats out, I'd like to boldy state mine will be better. :-) :-) :-) :-)
  7. BloodAngel

    TC Proposal - SPACE HULK!!!

    I just downloaded and installed it now. look for: Thunderred666
  8. BloodAngel

    TC Proposal - SPACE HULK!!!

    Interesting, Edge was what I first begain making the TC on as well. Ive since moved it over to eternity because of its MBF support. I'd be very happy if you shared your maps/graphics/code with me. What is your aim SN? Email me at thunderred666@aol.com
  9. BloodAngel

    TC Proposal - SPACE HULK!!!

    My original Idea was to through in both types of Marines into the mix, having the Space Marines as your basic grunt soldier and the more powerful terminator as the Elite Soldier. Recreating all the original missions would not be all that hard to do. I was however wanting to come up with new original missions, which would include the actual flight and boarding of the Hulk. Please remember I am creating these sprites by looking at the minitures I have of them. Not a very easy thing to do any way you look at it. Unfortnatly at this time I do not have any Terminators, but I should be able to obtain them from ebay within the next week. REPLY TO: 3 POSTS ARE BAD BAD BAD Well, I'm sorry I didn't know know know. Besides isn't the point of a "FORUM" to post post post? I started this forum as a means to locate other's interested in my Space Hulk project. Anyone without anything constructive to say need not waste their time posting here.
  10. BloodAngel

    why doom?

    As many of us would agree, for a brief moment in time it took our breath away. Very nice graphics and excellelant gameplay which stands out even today. I remember when I first played Doom, and nearly fell out of my chair after a demon sneaked up on me from behind. CHOMP!!!! Even now I get nervous in Command Control, I hate that little maze....... lol
  11. BloodAngel

    Doom Palette Question

    There is a way to remap the 256 color pallete. Somehow..... I think the combination I used was XME and Enternity? hmm...
  12. BloodAngel

    Enjay's Terrain FX-Skulltag edition

    Goldwave by far in my opinion is one of the best Sound editors out there. I still use the unregistered version, and Im able to create anything I want. Someday I'll get around to buying it :-) Makes creating new doom sounds a breeze, so try it!
  13. BloodAngel

    How Do I Make An Outdoor Area?

    Their are multiple ways you could make an outdoor area. What are you exactly trying to make? Don't expect to create rolling hills will Doom. (though it might be entertaining to see someone try) Originally DOOM's sky textures where limited in size, because before any sourceports cameout you could never look up and down.
  14. BloodAngel

    Doom2- Limit broken even with Zdoom?

    Detail always will enchance gameplay. But will not always make a map better or more fun. However, the overuse of the same texture throughout a level can cause minor iritation to my eyes..... :-)
  15. BloodAngel

    Eternity Question's

    Ive tried my hand at editing the MBF doggie, but am having some problems. I need to define a ranged/bullet attack, also I'd like to know if you can set a "things" distance that it can see an enemy. I'd like for my friendly marines to start shooting before a monster is a few steps away from them. Can this be done?