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  1. striderdm1

    Some Doom 3 mapping info

    try this.. http://macinfront.macologist.org/mirror/macologist/files.php?cat=19 Strider
  2. striderdm1

    The Infernal

    lol! yes the mac ;) with regards to the new screens - like wow! i LOVE that first screen shot. It looks incredible. Continue this way, great work! (yeah thinking about it, it does look/feel like jdoom in its style. Nice!) A maybe is good enough for vanilla doom3. I don't wanna push u too hard ;D Though anyone (pc, mac, linux) without RoE installed would be missing out here. Gotta say things are looking great. Keep us posted with new screens any progress details :) (my last reply for tonight this) Cheers
  3. striderdm1

    The Infernal

    fraid not, RoE is still not out on the Mac darnit :( But glad about what you said about the colour ;) Good move imho. A little variety plus that was something that really worked back in the days of psx-doom.. well, imho anyhow ! Hope your map is compatible with normal Doom3 after all this! lol. Are u making two varients? One for RoE and one for standard D3. Cheers (quick reply that!)
  4. striderdm1

    The Infernal

    this is looking great, i dunno if i'd agree with Kaiser though, i liked the colour effects tbh. Looked great imho. Something different.. I did like screen 4 - those spiders looked great dropping down like that rather than landing into total darkness. Looking forward to playing this :) Any news on a release date? (maybe a beta?) Good luck!
  5. striderdm1

    Executive Quarters - Single Player

    yeah she was so creepy and a great effect. I also lost much ammo for the first few seconds shooting at the fire wall! :p doh!
  6. striderdm1

    Executive Quarters - Single Player

    it does every except blow. heXum has excelled with Executive Quarters and the level of Doom3 mapping standards are been raised considerably. Simply the best sp-map so far imho :D
  7. striderdm1

    my mod

    downloading right now.. thanks! :)
  8. striderdm1

    my mod

    noooo!! zdoom, jdoom, doom legacy - support all NOT just zdoom :o (Mac user!! lol) Good idea with the new weapons though. This has my vote! :)
  9. striderdm1

    my mod

    yeah i agree, keep up the great work chaoscorp. Good wad to play and looking forward to the improvements you have planned.
  10. striderdm1

    Why!!! (Classic Doom mods?)

    i've always felt the same, yea i know this is a whole new game 'n all that.. but it *is* supposed to be Doom all the same. So if it's Doom, why the crap shotgun for example? (it's got too much spread, thus no good for anything but close up. And it's reload is too slow. Ok, this might be realistic, but this is Doom i'm playing - not BF1942 or Call of Duty! ;) Plus i also miss the fast pace of the originals: i could run around the levels AND then there was always the run key to hold use also.. lol. Doom 3 is often too slowwwww. Oh, and the lack of open areas with tons of monsters everywhere, but hey...i'm just moaning now ;) I've found a mod that kinda makes up for the crappy shotgun that i hate - check out Green Tech Mod. Overall, it's a great mod with tons of features, but just looking at the shotgun things are so much better with this powerful beast! :) Secondly, a good old-school style map to try out is Stone Halls. Very classic Doom in it's design. Green Tech: http://www.xtreme-lab.net/gt/english/ Stone Halls: http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/greg99/Doom3/index.htm fwiw, i don't hate Doom3. Sry if i'm giving that impression, but it's annoying sometimes that ID left out decent weapons like the shotgun.. Doom3 rocks overall, and i've just downloaded a map called Urukhai. Plays great!
  11. striderdm1

    my mod

    see my sig? :) i'll send u a private msg...
  12. striderdm1

    Some Doom 3 mapping info

    thanks :) and if there's any mac ppl wanna start making their own maps: http://www.macologist.org/portal.php?topic_id=1416 fyi ppl ;) downloading mine now...
  13. striderdm1

    j DOOM

    yea i was wondering the same, but not if there's a performance hit like u say :( shame that..
  14. striderdm1

    my mod

    "The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer" b0ll0cks! guess your wad is more popular than u imagined :)
  15. striderdm1

    My New Doom wads have been uploaded to my site!!!!!

    wow that is odd. wot kind of settings in your MDL could cause me problems? I've played dozens and dozens of wads in this engine and never had troubles b4. Not changed any settings for months also.. The only problems i get are when i can see through some walls/etc/etc.. so i use the zenshell to fix this and then reload the game. All ok then.. cheers