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  1. I've played through the Early Access build and I have to say it's by far my least favourite out of the three (Dusk / Ion Maiden / Amid Evil). It's not bad, the level design is pretty good and secrets are cool. I think my main problem is that the game is just too abstract for my taste. In Dusk / IM environments look elaborate. Same thing with Heretic/Hexen that everyone brings up. In Amid Evil I feel like I'm running around abstract places made of blocky geometry. A fairly impressive abstract places, but abstract nontheless. My favourite levels are those that actually look a bit more 'real' if you know what I mean. E1 has most of those, there are some in E3 but E2 feels just way too abstract for me. The game also has this weird structure where it has as many as seven episodes (currently three) but they're short (3 levels + boss) and have a unique monster roster for each so you only see E1 monsters in E1. That's kind of cool but at the same time it feels like the enemy variety is kind of low. I think the game would benefit a whole lot from ADDING monsters from earlier episodes to later ones. I don't know. A lot of people claim it's their favourite out of the three but so far it's just ok in my opinion. With Dusk / IM I wanted to play more upon finishing the current builds. With Amid Evil I'm not even that excited to play through it for the second time. But hey, you can rocket jump with a staff that fires planets so it's not all bad.
  2. Flaws in Doom 16'

    Well a lot of my personal issues with DOOM4 echo what a lot of people think: | There are only like three levels with a more open-ended level design and later on it's basically room-to-room stuff. More levels should have been like the Foundry or Argent Facility. | Lack of encounter variety, too many arenas, especially later in the game. Not enough 'regular' encounters. I'd love to see some 'turret' enemies on cliffs and such specifically acting as artillery. | Some of the challenges / masteries were kind of clunky, forcing the player to do some weird, arbitrary things in order to upgrade their stuff. | As mentioned before, the whole backstory remains completely unexplored. They've started a lot of topics and abandoned pretty much all of them. | Some monsters could have been more unique in their behaviour and combat capabilities. Revenant for instance, everyone's favourite 'difficulty amplifier' is a complete pushover and requires no real tactic to fight. | Some of the later levels feeling like a bunch of challenge rooms rather than actual places. Then there are things that annoy me and probably only me: | I don't like the whole 'Doomguy is a demigod' thingy. It's kind of like Brutal Doom, it doesn't bother me on its own but in this case people are just reinforced in their delusion that Doomguy is this ultimate badass killing machine. In EVERY other DOOM game he's just a marine, a survivor caught up in a situation. A badass survivor, yes, but a survivor nonetheless. | DOOM4 completely skips over the horror element, the sense of dread that was important in many instances in the original games. DOOM3 pulled it maybe too far in that direction but DOOM4, instead of finding the right balance, just did the polar opposite. I think it's lacking in terms of atmosphere. Destroyed Argent Facility is the only level that kind of leans in that direction. | Some enemies are too cartoony, too deep in the overstylized Blizzard style. Nobody agrees with me on this but the Pinky demon is the primary example of that. | Hell in general doesn't really feel hellish, it's just a regular 'fantasy land' as far as I'm concerned. | The few cutscenes that the game has are generally boring and locking the player in place during them is just stupid. If you have to force me to watch the cutscene, you probably know it's garbage. There are many things I could nitpick but there's not much point. The game is fantastic. Really the main problems I have with it are the atmosphere and lack of encounter variety.
  3. I think, based on the preview, this is a pretty competent Build engine game. Certainly feels more oldschool than Alien World Order episode the Duke3D re-release. I really like the environments and level design in general. Weapons are all pretty cool with Bowling Bombs being just as awesome as I expected them to be after Bombshell (which I still haven't finished). The only thing I kind of don't like so far is the lack of enemy diversity - hopefully there'll be cooler enemies in the full game. But it's pretty good overally. Here's hoping that Amid Evil lives up to this and Dusk (Early Access release on Monday, mark your calendars).
  4. The entire idea behind the Hell on Earth scenario is precisely to have a setting that allows for all that diversity - to see the effects of the demonic invasion on the planet. Maybe have the classic theme of demons slowly transforming the Earth into Hell itself. I'm personally against too many underground / industrial environments though because you can have that sort of stuff anywhere. That and snow because snow is generally pretty boring and monotonous. I'd love to have some wilderness - that's something that hasn't been done in DOOM at all outside of community levels, but it remains to be seen whether id Tech 6 can do those types of environments at all. Sure, it's great for cold, metal, industrial buildings and wastelands but forests and dense foliage? They might just outright avoid that completely. Part of the reason why I personally think DOOM5 will not be set on Earth.
  5. That's a completely random thought but if they're actually making a Hell on Earth DOOM5, I'm wondering if they're going to repurpose some of the assets/ideas from the cancelled projects. As much as I'd love to see Earth as it was in DOOM4 1.0, I think that a more futuristic approach would be more appropriate considering DOOM3/4 are set over a hundred years from now. But how about Prey 2? (that Bethesda killed because they're garbage) Worth noting that P2 had vertical mobility before it was popular so its levels were already designed with that in mind. In retrospect you can see this as a foreshadowing of how levels in DOOM4 are constructed - around 2:36 it almost looks like DOOM, even visually. That can maybe give a bit of an idea of how a futuristic city movement can potentially look like.
  6. Between DOOM2, countless amazing Earth levels made by the community and the abundance of Hell on Earth DOOM fan art I think you're in the minority. We really don't need a third DOOM game in the row taking place on some barren planet with industrial techbases.
  7. The artstyle is realistic, kind of an extension of DOOM3. But the structure and room/corridors configuration is very much focused on the gameplay to provide enough options for both the player and enemies. It's not crazy but it's easy to see that in reality nobody would really build a Mars base like that. I'm pretty sure I've even heard them say something like that in one of the interviews - the style is realistic but the structure is gameplay-focused.
  8. I disagree with you, DooM_RO. Earth is probably the single most vibrant and diverse setting for a game. They made a Mars base that's semi-abstract in DOOM4, what makes you think it's impossible to make a semi-abstract city in the sequel? Remember that we're in the future. Earth in the DOOM universe would probably be closer to a cyberpunk, futuristic version of it - nothing stands in a way of making it both visually interesting and fit for a fast-paced, mobility-heavy gameplay. And aside from that it could serve as a way of turning things up to a more desperate scenario than an invasion of a remote base - a total extinction of humanity. I think it's time we got a proper Hell on Earth game. Besides, we really need to know what happened on Earth after the destruction of the Argent Tower.
  9. How necessary is 60fps?

    No, I like subtle motion blur. A little bit of it smooths out the experience. DOOM4 amount is just about right for me.
  10. How necessary is 60fps?

    I run DOOM4 on 120+ fps. When I saw the game drop to 60 during one of the cutscenes for the first time (because those are locked at 60) I thought they've locked them at 30 because it was so jarring in direct comparison (actually had to pull up the fps counter to make sure). Is 60-144 noticable? Absolutely, especially with fast moving objects. Hell, switch between the two and move the cursor across the screen - 144 IS less fragmented than 60. Does higher framerate improve to the experience? Absolutely (especially for action games). Smoother, more responsive gameplay feels and looks better. Is 60fps enough? No. More is better. I don't know what the limit is but I can easily differentiate between 60 and 144. Is 30fps more cinematic? No. There's no such thing as "lower fps = more cinematic". Video games are not movies. Is 30fps ever acceptable over 60+? Sometimes choppy animation works in certain cases (South Park, anime) but for games? Maybe in turn based strategy games it's not a big deal. 60+ always feels better though. Can you get used to <30? Sure. Humans can get used to just about anything. That doesn't mean it's enough though. Most people who defend 30fps are just making excuses for their poor PCs.
  11. DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    I don't think anyone has mentioned this, Martian hero from DOOM3 battles demons with a Soul Cube, carved on the stone block at the start of the final level:
  12. Making Sense of the Doom2016 Backstory

    Yeah, I was just running with the general logic, that these are all 'clues'. For instance, if the fact that the Doom Slayer stayed in Hell is supposed to imply a connection with DOOM64, we might as well say that the Soul Cube implies a connection with DOOM3. We need to have a clear definition of what we 'accept' as a reasonable proof and what is just an easter egg. So far people are kind of ignoring stuff that doesn't fit and interpret everything in a way that makes the theory seem legit. Personally I'm more on the side that all of those 'hints' are at best nods to the previous entries in the franchise. Either way, actually the theories that all franchises from a single creator are in the same universe are pretty popular. That all Pixar movies are in the same universe or even that Diablo, WarCraft and StarCraft are in the same universe. I actually love that, that's one of the moments where being vague is intriguing rather than cryptic for the sake of being cryptic.
  13. Saturnine Chapel - Now on /idgames

    Played it on HNTR just to see what's it about. Really impressive visuals, some pretty unusual encounters, cool geometry shapeshifting and great atmosphere. 2017 and I'm still impressed with the creative stuff that people can pull off in DOOM. :)
  14. Making Sense of the Doom2016 Backstory

    DOOM4 story is an afterthought written by people that laughed at it during the process, coming up with whatever ridiculous things they could think of as long as they sounded 'metal'. As a result it's a mess of super vague bits of info that makes no sense. It's clear that they've deliberately opened a lot of doors and did not go through any of them just to make sure they can do whatever they want in the sequel. I'm pretty sure they'll go with the "all DOOM games are connected" thingy just because that's what fans apparently like to think. The information available is so scattered and so vague that much like GoatLord I have lost interest in trying to make sense of it. But you can't leave out DOOM3. There's a Soul Cube in Lazarus Labs and the Hellknight looks a lot like the one in D3. The Soul Cube is probably the strongest link to other games too, so you can't just ignore it. ;)
  15. Isn't that the case? Initially (very early on) enemies would shoot like in the original games so you could just circle strafe. But then they've changed it in one of the updates. So when you're strafing left, Imps won't shoot directly at you, but to your left so that the fireball hits you if you continue strafing without changing direction (kind of like you shoot rockets in MP at moving targets). This means that when you're strafing and an Imp is preparing his fireball, you've gotta change direction at the right moment to avoid getting hit. It makes sense but with the amount of projectiles and the damage they do on NM it's kind of unfair to me.