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  1. There are a bunch of scattered threads about individual details and things that people have noticed in the gameplay reveal. This is a thread for all those little things that you might want to point out for everyone else. Here's a few things from me. 1. When the Doomguy puts his helmet on we get a brief flash of this interesting sigil. 2. Inverted five-pointed stars and hexagons (symbols used to perform magic) + a stream of text written in some strange language. In DOOM4 when you put the helmet on there's a brief glimpse of some different language that gets translated into English but this one seems different. Perhaps whoever upgraded the Doomguys armor is not really a good guy. 3. As seen in DOOM4, certain enemies naturally fight each other, despite being hostile towards the Doomguy. Here we can see the new Possessed Soldiers fighting the cybernetically enhanced civilians. 4. Cars floating around the giant hellish tumor (you can see it better in the video). 5. Let's take a moment to appreciate this cool destroyed bridge with dozens of cars on it. 6. There are those weird floating skull contraptions that spill lava everywhere. 7. Okay, are we just gonna ignore the fact that there are GIANT ROBOTS in DOOM Eternal?
  2. Touchdown

    How about a Doomworld interview?

    Every interesting/meaningful question would get the same response: "We can't talk about that right now."
  3. Because people focus too much on the movement speed of the player. The gameplay itself in DOOM4 is extremely fast and hectic compared to 1/2. The originals were veeery calm compared to that. That's not what DooM_RO was talking about but I'm just answering the question here. :)
  4. Touchdown

    It's not about the number of enemy types, Id.

    The combat system in the new DOOM games is very specialized. Every component works towards the goal of creating an aggressive, push forward gameplay. It's state of the art at what it does. However it's fundamentally a one trick pony. The number of diverse encounters that you can design around it is very limited. The original DOOM games had very simple and very slow AIs. However ironically that has allowed designers to exploit this simplicity and create a huge number of unique and memorable encounters by using level design. You will never see a horde of demons creeping towards you as you try to dodge enemies sniping you from the ledges on the sides in the new DOOM games. This will never happen because the new AIs are designed to support the push forward combat - they're extremely fast and agile, they can always reach you and they can do it very quickly. Everyone knows that the problem with the last few levels in DOOM4 was not the lack of new enemies. The problem was the combat system that is primarily designed around arena gameplay + lackluster level design that deteriorated into a string of challenge rooms and nothing more. Adding more enemy types may mitigate some of the effects of that but it's not gonna fix the main issue which is a severe lack of encounter diversity.
  5. Touchdown

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    He could be an advisor on the story, after all he wrote all the intermission texts for the original games. Oh wait, I'm not sure if that's such a great idea.
  6. Touchdown

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    It's on the official site just like all the other screenshots.
  7. Touchdown

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Some people are just not too happy that the new id has decided to completely get rid of the horror aspect, that has always been a significant part of the franchise. Nobody's denying that DOOM has over-the-top elements. People keep bringing up "go find some meat!" and Doomguy smiling when he picks up a weapon or literally tearing demons apart with a Berserk pack as a proof that DOOM has always been silly and goofy. Nobody's saying that those elements do not hint at a certain amount of self-awareness. But acting as if this is the only thing that matters rubs some folks the wrong way. You want to believe that DOOM has never been serious and that we somehow just didn't notice it, fine. But say that to Deimos Lab, say that to Monster Condo, say that to Halls of the Damned, all those levels that not only feature a lot more atmospheric music that sets the tone but some of them in terms of gameplay literally hate the player. People keep shooting down DOOM3 because it was "wrong" but the fact remains that the old id still thought that the horror aspect of the franchise was important and valid. For me personally, I don't mind the arcade'y gameplay because it works. Even though the new Doomguy is not what I would have imagined, I still admire how they've handled him - giving him personality but not overdoing it with one-liners or other stupid comments. I'm ok with those things. What I'm not okay with is that they really don't know what to do with the creatures. You've got a gritty Hellknight and right next to it a toy-like Pinky or the goofy Pain Elemental, both of which look and act ridiculous. That's a jarring inconsistency in my eyes. You've created a realistic-looking environment so keep monsters in the same style. But what can you do, crowd cheers when they see a classic sprite recreated, no matter how stupid it looks with modern graphics. So of course that's what they're doing. I just expected a bit more creativity and a bit more courage to pursue and stand behind their own ideas of how would those monsters look today... instead of just riding the nostalgia train all the time. Yeah, it looks exactly like the original. Cool. But I'd be more interested in something more creative than that.
  8. Touchdown


    In the footage Doomguy picks up a Rune that gets automatically applied and 1up, from the description, functions EXACTLY like Saving Throw. It might be too early to say but it might mean the Rune system won't be back in DE and instead Rune effects will be scattered around levels as pickups.
  9. Touchdown

    Looking for old DOOM3 screenshots

    Oh, that's exactly what I've been looking for, thanks a lot!
  10. Touchdown

    Looking for old DOOM3 screenshots

    Doomworld used to have a cool database with pretty much every DOOM3 screenshot ever released. Maybe I'm blind but is that still available somewhere? I'm trying to find some obscure pre-release shots from the distant past and I don't have much luck. Google is not helping and a lot of the old links are down. Doesn't have to be DW but maybe somebody knows of some screenshot archive like that?
  11. Touchdown

    Do You Like Doom 3?

    I absolutely love it. DOOM4 might have the best movement/shooter mechanics but it'll never be perfect because it forgot how to Deimos Lab.
  12. Touchdown

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Actually that's not necessarily true. If you look up the Noclip series about DOOM4, they have some footage from the version they've been working on initially, back in 2008 and they have been prototyping melee executions way back then already.
  13. Touchdown

    New locations - concept art discussion

    Personally I'm really interested in those, I can't wait until we get to learn more about that. But for now I'll just say two things. First, the big chained demons in Hell look like something straight out of Hell towers from Diablo III (04:04). That last picture on the other hand reminds me strongly of XCOM2.
  14. Touchdown

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    That's just my take on it. Of course I haven't been documenting what people have been saying about DOOM/Doomguy over the years. But I certainly don't remember folks throwing terms like 'rip&tear' or 'badassery' all the time. There were talks about the number of enemies and how it should be much faster than DOOM3 but that's about it. BD re-introduced DOOM to a lot of people and many treat it as a replacement. I personally think there must have been some influence at least, considering its popularity.
  15. Touchdown

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Oh come on, we all know what happened in that time, don't we? A certain mod that had this kind of portrayal, overhyped to unbelievable levels by the community, big YouTubers and gaming media.