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  1. No, I like subtle motion blur. A little bit of it smooths out the experience. DOOM4 amount is just about right for me.
  2. I run DOOM4 on 120+ fps. When I saw the game drop to 60 during one of the cutscenes for the first time (because those are locked at 60) I thought they've locked them at 30 because it was so jarring in direct comparison (actually had to pull up the fps counter to make sure). Is 60-144 noticable? Absolutely, especially with fast moving objects. Hell, switch between the two and move the cursor across the screen - 144 IS less fragmented than 60. Does higher framerate improve to the experience? Absolutely (especially for action games). Smoother, more responsive gameplay feels and looks better. Is 60fps enough? No. More is better. I don't know what the limit is but I can easily differentiate between 60 and 144. Is 30fps more cinematic? No. There's no such thing as "lower fps = more cinematic". Video games are not movies. Is 30fps ever acceptable over 60+? Sometimes choppy animation works in certain cases (South Park, anime) but for games? Maybe in turn based strategy games it's not a big deal. 60+ always feels better though. Can you get used to <30? Sure. Humans can get used to just about anything. That doesn't mean it's enough though. Most people who defend 30fps are just making excuses for their poor PCs.
  3. I don't think anyone has mentioned this, Martian hero from DOOM3 battles demons with a Soul Cube, carved on the stone block at the start of the final level:
  4. Yeah, I was just running with the general logic, that these are all 'clues'. For instance, if the fact that the Doom Slayer stayed in Hell is supposed to imply a connection with DOOM64, we might as well say that the Soul Cube implies a connection with DOOM3. We need to have a clear definition of what we 'accept' as a reasonable proof and what is just an easter egg. So far people are kind of ignoring stuff that doesn't fit and interpret everything in a way that makes the theory seem legit. Personally I'm more on the side that all of those 'hints' are at best nods to the previous entries in the franchise. Either way, actually the theories that all franchises from a single creator are in the same universe are pretty popular. That all Pixar movies are in the same universe or even that Diablo, WarCraft and StarCraft are in the same universe. I actually love that, that's one of the moments where being vague is intriguing rather than cryptic for the sake of being cryptic.
  5. Played it on HNTR just to see what's it about. Really impressive visuals, some pretty unusual encounters, cool geometry shapeshifting and great atmosphere. 2017 and I'm still impressed with the creative stuff that people can pull off in DOOM. :)
  6. DOOM4 story is an afterthought written by people that laughed at it during the process, coming up with whatever ridiculous things they could think of as long as they sounded 'metal'. As a result it's a mess of super vague bits of info that makes no sense. It's clear that they've deliberately opened a lot of doors and did not go through any of them just to make sure they can do whatever they want in the sequel. I'm pretty sure they'll go with the "all DOOM games are connected" thingy just because that's what fans apparently like to think. The information available is so scattered and so vague that much like GoatLord I have lost interest in trying to make sense of it. But you can't leave out DOOM3. There's a Soul Cube in Lazarus Labs and the Hellknight looks a lot like the one in D3. The Soul Cube is probably the strongest link to other games too, so you can't just ignore it. ;)
  7. Isn't that the case? Initially (very early on) enemies would shoot like in the original games so you could just circle strafe. But then they've changed it in one of the updates. So when you're strafing left, Imps won't shoot directly at you, but to your left so that the fireball hits you if you continue strafing without changing direction (kind of like you shoot rockets in MP at moving targets). This means that when you're strafing and an Imp is preparing his fireball, you've gotta change direction at the right moment to avoid getting hit. It makes sense but with the amount of projectiles and the damage they do on NM it's kind of unfair to me.
  8. Second chances kind of go against what UNM is all about. Personally DOOM4 is too hard for me to beat NM without dying. I got to the surgical room in Lazarus once on UNM and I do have an active save in Argent Facility but I'm not too eager to continue it. Especially after they've added (months ago) an AI upgrade that makes enemies predict your position when you're moving - that's just too much.
  9. Yeah, DOOM4 pistol is trash. I don't think I've ever used it past the first level. I'm all for something more substantial, or at least more fun to use. It looks pretty cool though.
  10. Things that I'm sure of: enemies do more damage + health/armor pickups give less points. I have only played once on HMP and UV so it's hard to say for me if the enemies are more aggressive or not.
  11. I'd say it's a lot more difficult than the originals, actually (at least excluding Final DOOM). The gameplay in DOOM4 is way faster and way more vicious than in previous games, pretty much any enemy is dangerous, especially on NM. In the original games enemies are very slow and it's fairly easy to dodge things, a complete opposite of 4 where almost every enemy is very fast and projectiles are fast (probably faster than -fast monsters). DOOM4 is very much a game of skill so you've gotta learn to use each weapon to its full potential, determine which enemy is the biggest threat, take advantage of the environment and use executions at the right moments. By the way, I wouldn't stack classic NM against the DOOM4 NM. It's not altering the game in any special way, not even as much as DOOM3 NM. So it's pretty much UV+ at best. How so? On NM even the biggest pickups (minus the ones in classic secrets) give you a max of 30 which is nothing, and the smallest ones are just +1. Any attack can nuke a lot more than that. Even executions give you like what, 15-30, maybe? I wouldn't say that's an overkill.
  12. Awww, they've cut all the DOOM4 1.0 talk.
  13. Well, it was kind of hard to miss, considering the starting room of Aggilus. ;)
  14. Just finished it, took roughly 3h, played continuously without pistol-starting. Generally it was pretty amazing, as expected from Mechadon. Fantastic architecture and great use of lighting, gameplay that's not unreasonably murderous and obviously a nice treat for fans of Vela Pax. ;) I did get lost a couple of times, especially on Maeror though I feel like this is an inevitable side effect of having maps this big and complex. It's just easy to lose track of places that are yet to be visited when you've got so many areas to explore. Sorry I don't have a lot to say in terms of specifics but I've only played it once so it'd take at least another playthrough to really test it out. I will probably pistol-start everything when you release the next beta. Either way, I enjoyed it a lot and it was yet another great set of levels, Mechadon. :) Also, I really don't want to say it but... come on, you know what everyone's waiting for. ;)
  15. It definitively has too much of modern-Blizzard feel. Something straight out of WarCraft or even Diablo3. They have a tendency to add all those bulky elements to their characters. Same with the aforementioned Hell Guard. Here's a quick, crappy reinterpretation showing what it could look like with a simpler, eyeless design.