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Everything posted by Gibaholic

  1. Gibaholic

    Character identification: HL 2 versus Doom 3

    I think hes talking about the picture of the baby in gordons locker in halflife1, thats an easter egg. And fyi duke nukem beats both of there asses.
  2. Gibaholic

    Best levels/wads of all time.

    I like: doom1.wad rtc 3057, what doom 3 shoulda been. Action doom. Hacx Strife That crazy circus wad in the 12th cacoawards. wow.wad A few other wads in the 10 years of doom but I forgot there names. Almost forgot about chex quest.
  3. Gibaholic

    whats your fav doom I/II level?

    heh I hate all the levels in ultimate doom except for episodes 1 and 4 and I hate all the maps in doom2 as well except for map1, dead simple and industrial zone.
  4. Gibaholic

    Dad Replaces Bad Kids 360 with Coal

    Heh I read that on ytmnd. I wish I could see the look on the kids face. "Finally, damn its about time" RIIIIP "wha wha... what?.... waaaaah"
  5. Gibaholic

    Dukefish picture

    I still suck at fish making imo but im making a duke fish, here it is so far
  6. Gibaholic

    Dukefish picture

    Yes he is built off of dukefish 0.1 and I didnt even know there was a duke fish thanks for ruining my motivation : (
  7. As of now just 75$ but ill prolly get 50$ from my mom and 50 or 100 from my grandma, yeah my gifts suck.
  8. Gibaholic

    what are your thoughts about doom 3

    Putting abunch of girls in a game is asking for a nude mod :l
  9. Gibaholic

    what are your thoughts about doom 3

    Heh theres only like 1 girl in the entire game that you see, and I think I know why.
  10. I just got 75$ for christmas, I should get like another 100 from my grandma or something but as of now this is all I got is 75$ Now a gig of ram at newegg costs 75$ all together,http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820141215
    While I can get a quake 1 cd brand new, quake 3 cd brand new, the quake 3 expansion used, unreal gold brand new and master levels of doom2. So which should I go for?

    EDIT: I could prolly also get duke3d atomic and raptor.

    1. Darkman 4

      Darkman 4

      I cant spell u said:

      I could always buy the ram and then when I build a rig in like 1 or 2 years I could use the ram I bought. What do you think of that idea?

      Sounds like a good idea to me. Just put the RAM in your PC in the meantime.

    2. Darkstalker


      Then plan ahead what RAM to buy to be compatible with the 2 PCs. I wouldn't do that because in 1-2 years you could get better RAM at a lower cost and depending on the mobo you buy you might have to buy new RAM anyway.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Next year, AMD processors will be switching over to DDR-2, and since Pentium 4s are already using DDR-2, any investment now into new regular DDR memory may not be a good idea.

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  11. Im lookin for some cool computer games to buy that have fast gameplay. I was thinkin about buying duke3d atomic and raptor. Does anyone know any other fast paced games either platformer or fps.
  12. Gibaholic

    Fast paced pc game suggestions?

    Ive been playing the shareware raptor, fun but hard as hell.
  13. Gibaholic

    Compaq sucks

    I didnt know anything about computers before I bought this computer for 500$. I thought it was okay hence me not knowing but little did I know.... The specs that it came with where Amd sempron 3000+ (2.0ghz) 256 mb of ram and integrated via s3 graphics. Ive had problems with this computer since the day I got it. Ive formatted like 3 times and im fucking sick of it. No one buy from compaq or any pre built company like dell or alienware or hp becuase there all shit and they all rip you off. You can post hell this now :l
  14. Gibaholic

    Do you have all the doom games?

    Hey why does everyone hate the doom3 expansion? It adds more action and its not like doom3 that much, anyone who has it should atleast try it.
  15. Gibaholic

    Serious sam 1 any good?

    I tried the demo and it was okay but I kinda hated it cause all it was is just some egypt level with guys running at you. Does the full game have more or is it just egypt levels with guys running at you?
  16. Gibaholic

    Compaq sucks

    I looked at the video card and its just an agp slot, no power connecters or anything, if you wanna look at it, its right here:http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814145112
  17. Gibaholic

    Amateur fish sprites

    I made all of these with ms paint,
  18. Gibaholic

    Did DOOM disappoint you?

    I thought the shareware one was the full one ( I was a little kid) So I was like wtf when ever I beat it and it showed screens from the 2nd and 3rd episodes. I didnt know about doom2 and my dad's friend's kid was like "I gots doom2" So I asked my dad if he could get doom2 and like a week later he got me final doom. I expected alot of new stuff and thats what I got so no it didnt really.
  19. Gibaholic

    The "little things" that make this game fun

    Arcade like gameplay only I can turn.
  20. Gibaholic

    Do you have all the doom games?

    You can get master levels off of amazon.com and yes, psx does have new levels, all the console ports listed are different in some way.
  21. Gibaholic

    Compaq sucks

    Heh there is an agp slot infact I got a geforce 5500 for it awhile ago, its better then the s3 card that was in it. And yeah maybe when I save up enough money ill build a computer next year or so. EDIT:I was gonna replace the ram with one gig and a geforce 6600 256 mb but would it even be worth it?
  22. Gibaholic

    Compaq sucks

    This is what id expect with 500$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16883102651
  23. Gibaholic

    Compaq sucks

    This computer has so much useless crap preinstalled like walmart shop helper and compaq helper and aol and other crap.