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Everything posted by Gibaholic

  1. Gibaholic

    Amateur fish sprites

    I know, there made with paint :l
  2. Gibaholic

    If you could be any of the enemies from doom...

    Anything but an imp, we all know what happens to imps.
  3. Gibaholic

    The "little things" that make this game fun

    No cutscenes.
  4. Id say strife since thats one of the only few ive played up there.
  5. Gibaholic

    Which game is by far most overrated?

    I just dont like ut because its always different in every server, its either your gun shoots bubbles and you make cow noises when you die or some other random shit.
  6. Gibaholic

    Fast paced pc game suggestions?

    Duke3d comes with dukes 1 and 2 :) I would play quake 1 online but everyone just uses cheap shit like bright skins and too many scripts. Do they have that kinda crap on quake 3? Because I dont like coming in last cause im not running software mode with bright skins and using strafe run scripts.
  7. Gibaholic

    Fast paced pc game suggestions?

    I tried pain killer, I thought it sucked.
  8. Gibaholic

    what are your thoughts about doom 3

    Yeah better the second run when you have a better computer :)
  9. Gibaholic

    Fast paced pc game suggestions?

    Yeah quake is faster paced!!
  10. Gibaholic

    How do I select something?

    Be more specific please or I cant help you, I dont even know what your talking about.
  11. Gibaholic

    favorite AC/DC album

    The one I smashed with a hammer.
  12. Gibaholic

    Serious sam 1 any good?

    I tried this pain killer game demo , the people said it was like old school shooters but it was more boring then any game ive played. It was just guys throwing there stomaches at me and shooting them with a steak launcher. I looked at screens for the second encounter, it looked okay but nothing like duke3d or ultimate doom.
  13. Gibaholic

    what are your thoughts about doom 3

    Well doom3 didnt have enough action but it was very in depth story, I thought it had replay value but some didnt. If you want action I suggest you buy the expansion ressurection of evil, It doesnt try to scare you alot and most of the time its just blasting enemies away.
  14. I want santa to bring me more ram. What do you guys want santa to get you cause I might just send him an email since im his home dawg.
  15. Gibaholic

    Which game is by far most overrated?

    It seems like if a game that comes out and is really awesome the sequel more than likely wont be as good or wont even be good at all.
  16. Gibaholic

    Which game is by far most overrated?

    I voted halo2, I played it at my friends house and its just mediocre, halo 1 is kinda cool but I like fast paced shooters so I didnt play it that much. Doom3 isnt really overrated and it is a good game, just cause it doesnt have mindless arcade action like doom2 doesnt mean its bad. Ftw why is quake 2 on there?
  17. Gibaholic

    Stories of skill, luck and ignorance

    D3 multiplayer isnt as fast paced as quakeworld or quake 3 or doom2 but I enjoy its mp alot, its kinda unique and most servers have a 4 player limit so I dont get spawn raped every 5 seconds.
  18. Gibaholic

    Favorite Id fps game?

    My favorite is Doom3 and quake 2. Btw the reason why heretic/hexen or quake 4 and rtcw arent up there is because 1. heretic n hexen are first person rpg's, not firstperson shooters ( I think if everyone else thinks there fps then go ahead and add em) 2. Quake 4 is by raven and rtcw is by gray matter or something like that..
  19. Gibaholic

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    IDDQD fish :)
  20. Gibaholic

    Post your kick ass christmas list here.

    Actually id like to use a custom icon I made on these forums for christmas, too bad santa isnt an admin though.
  21. Gibaholic

    Post your kick ass christmas list here.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16883102628 Id really like that but I doubt ill ever get it unless I get my own job and save up for it.
  22. Gibaholic

    Post your kick ass christmas list here.

    I used to have an imported famicom gba sp but I traded it for a copy of doom which I enjoyed way more then the gba. Now I regret it cause I couldve sold it for more and bought a copy of doom instead.
  23. Gibaholic

    Admins playing on there server suck.

    Thats kinda hard to do on doom3.
  24. Gibaholic

    Admins playing on there server suck.

    I wouldnt care if you played on your server cause you got 0 ping but just dont be a noob and use god mode when your low on health. Today I was playing on a server and the admin was playin which was okay but what was gay was he was using god mode and for some reason I couldnt use it even though it said god mode on. And its not cause he was good or anything. I shot a rocket right at his face and the crosshair didnt even turn red and sometimes he would turn god mode off to be able to say shit like " LOL U SUK LERNT TO PLAYT".
  25. Gibaholic

    Post your kick ass christmas list here.

    ^^ mad cause he got a lump of coal last year.