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Everything posted by Gibaholic

  1. Gibaholic

    Dear Santa... (SpecOcs DooM)

    No holiday mod idea's deserve there own threads. These would be cool and might get more people playing seeing how there's like 100 people playing it online :l
  2. Gibaholic

    Game planning thread

    This thread is intended for planning or making arrangements ( is there a difference?) for a game you might want to play with someone else on the forum. So would anyone like to play a game of Doom3 or LEGITIMATE Quakeworld with me?
  3. Gibaholic

    Game planning thread

    Ill play you but I dont know what time it would be in england if it was like 4 pm here. Oh yeah and I live in the divided states of america.
  4. Gibaholic


    Even though this thread is old, A doom64 mod for doom3 would be kinda cool. It would be like old school doom's action meets Doom3's ambience thus making the doom64 mod for doom3. Give me a link to that :l
  5. Gibaholic

    Game planning thread

    Where do you live jander? And yeah kinda like that.
  6. Gibaholic

    Game planning thread

    ahahah huh?
  7. Gibaholic

    Favorite programming language(s)

  8. Gibaholic

    change between recruit, marine, veteran and nm

    You have to start a new game if you wanna change difficulty.
  9. Gibaholic

    Which is better, old DM or new DM?

    Old doom. But where can I find stuff to play old doom with? I hear about this kahn thing what is it?>
  10. No one here plays doom3 that much it seems... It really is a fun game I think. Anyone else here play doom3 often but me?
  11. Gibaholic

    Multiplayer Aliai

    Mines Gibaholic on all the games I play, but sometimes ill name myself like gay pride or molester to just mess around.
  12. Gibaholic

    Aww cmon more people here have to play doom3.

    You think if I upgrade the ram to a gig, I can run it on low with bump mapping, specular, and shadows with good performance?
  13. Gibaholic

    Aww cmon more people here have to play doom3.

    AMD sempron 3000+ (2.o ghz)
  14. Gibaholic

    Aww cmon more people here have to play doom3.

  15. Gibaholic

    Aww cmon more people here have to play doom3.

    Quake 4... baah humbug.. really its just quake 3 with doom3 engine. Heh I saw janderson, I was playing under the name "Brian peppers". I really dont like the Doom3 fan sites like planet doom. The people there kinda seem lame to me.
  16. Gibaholic

    Aww cmon more people here have to play doom3.

    My pc is a peice of shit and i get it to run specs are geforce fx 5500 128 mb 2.0 ghz 256 mb of ram doom3 runs at 512 res low quality with everything off. And I get okay performance, I need more ram though.
  17. Gibaholic

    Favorite Id fps game?

    Id say quakeworld but as discussed before, nothin but cheaters on quakeworld. Just once id like to play legit deathmatch on it. So I like quake 2 better, the community keeps cheats out rather than in.
  18. Gibaholic

    good weapons mod for doom 3. where can i find it

    Only weapon mod you need is a supershotgun.... Which the expansion has.
  19. Gibaholic

    Chronicles of Narnia

    AHAHAHAH. harry potter is betar.
  20. Gibaholic

    Happy birthday DOOM

    This means we have to break 12 doom discs.
  21. Gibaholic

    Why Did You Choose Your Avatar?

    Simple. I like the dead kennedys.
  22. Gibaholic

    Best game 2005

    All console games blow. Quake is the winner.
  23. Gibaholic

    Stories of skill, luck and ignorance

    ROFL I love doom 3, cause most of the time everyone sucks on it. Its so funny to play noobs and punch them and steal all there stuff. They have no idea whats going on. Me and my friend make a server and dumb people join and we just mess with them. My name on doom3 is gibaholic and my friend's is penis slapper.
  24. Gibaholic

    Quakeworld anybody?

    I just started getting into quake world, (for those of you who dont know, its quake 1 multiplayer) I get my ass kicked alot on it since everyone has been playing it for so long and there all skilled. Is there anyone else who still plays quake world?
  25. Gibaholic

    Quakeworld anybody?

    I use fuhquake, and what are you talking about handicaps?