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Everything posted by Gibaholic

  1. Gibaholic

    Quakeworld anybody?

    I just started getting into quake world, I get owned alot but im gradually getting better, I know some tricks but tend to never use them, anyone wanna play quakeworld sometime?
  2. Gibaholic

    How long do you think Doom will survive?

    I think doom is dying, some people dont even know what doom is. And yes there old enough to know what it is. I dont even play classic doom that much anymore. I might play zdaemon again though.
  3. Gibaholic

    Would more ram help me?

    I plan on getting a gig of ram, should help my quake 4 out too.
  4. Gibaholic

    Would more ram help me?

    I went out and bought a Geforce FX 5500 graphics card for my computer and installed doom 3, I have it on low , 640 by 480 res with everything off. It runs at like 60 fps when idle, then like 30 to 40 fps in combat. But when I enter a new area itll pause for like 2 or 3 seconds then continue or when I shoot someone for the first time in a map. My computer specs are: AMD sempron 3000+ 2.0 ghz processor, 192 megs of ram. So if I were to buy 512 megs of ram, would it fix those problems?
  5. Gibaholic

    Steam sucks

    Some of the game's valve develop are kick ass, im downloading the half life 2 demo but this steam thing is bull shit. Ive been waiting an hour and it still isnt done "updating". And when steam is down I cant play my steam games offline. Anyone else think this is bull shit?
  6. Gibaholic

    Most embarrassing way to die/get hurt

    Being killed by someone named "Player".
  7. Gibaholic

    Lake of Fire

    Ahahaha, can you imagine playing a hell map in doom 3 and seeing a microphone on the ceiling?
  8. Gibaholic

    Memes for Dummies

    Ytmnd blows. all your base was stupid. Bannanas taste like shit anyways and pbj is a lame ass snack.
  9. Gibaholic

    Omg awesome.

    Dude I could own some fat noob on that treadmill with a keyboard and mouse in a minute.
  10. Gibaholic

    Steam sucks

    The demo finished updating, I played it. Half life 2 is pretty cool I think im gonna go buy it. But why do they need steam?
  11. Gibaholic

    A difficult choice... [million dollars vs Id]

    I would take the million dollars, btw why is everyone talking shit about Id? (I dont know that much about them.)
  12. Gibaholic

    Doom featured in Family Guy

  13. Gibaholic

    Would more ram help me?

    Okay well I am gonna add more ram but, would it increase my fps at all?
  14. Gibaholic

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Im native american, so I dont celebrate thanksgiving since you sluaghtered my ancestors.
  15. Gibaholic


    If I was a monster, why would I live under a bed? It's cramped, you cant move, hard to get food (I wouldnt eat humans, I would steal their food though).
  16. Gibaholic


    Holy shit I had the same dream, only no jeans.
  17. Gibaholic

    What if everyone on Earth were to vanish?

    Since there would be no one to frag on quake 3 I'd probably make friends with the quake 3 bots.
  18. Gibaholic

    Should I buy this card?

    I have a crappy compaq computer, with a amd sempron 2.1 ghz processor 192 ram and I was going to buy a nvidia geforce 6800 ultra to play doom 3 on my crap computer, just curious the minimum specs say I could get it to work but I want a consumer opinion on it.
  19. Gibaholic

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    Nothing can beat a tender crips bacon cheddar ranch.
  20. Gibaholic

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    What is a rally's?
  21. Gibaholic

    WOW, utterly disgusting

    Hm, so does anyone think I could get doom3 running on my integrated card? Its a via s3g unichrome igp I think.
  22. Gibaholic

    Where Did Your Title Come From?

    My name makes fun of all the little 12 year olds who go on aim and talk to there freinds like this, "yo dood i jus did an olly da other day an it was cool, u had to of ben ther it wuz awesom"
  23. Gibaholic

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    I would eat at mcdonalds but there have been reports of lizards and rats being in the burgers.
  24. well ive never programmed before or anything but I was wondering how hard would it be to make Doom95 fully compatible with windows xp? what I mean is would it be hard for me to make a source port thats exactly like Doom95 only instead itll be called DoomXP. You know so you can use the mouse and everything and it would be the original Doom. No mouse look or anything exactly like Doom95 only fully compatible with windows xp. So how difficult would that be?