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Everything posted by Gibaholic

  1. Gibaholic

    retard sues NASA over Deep Impact

    Are you sure it isnt just some bull shit lie? Like the ZOMBIE DOGS111111111111
  2. We all know the best games on pc are fps or mmorpgs but does anyone know of any other good computer games? So far the only good non fps and rpg games ive found are metal gear,metal gear 2, metal gear solid 1 and 2, final fantasy 7 and 8 and resident evil 2 and 3.
  3. Gibaholic

    Any other good games for pc besides FPS?

    Dosbox is just like a program to run dos applications that dont run on your OS. And freeware isnt a genre, there are good freeware games like knight online and wolfenstein enemy territory. so far it looks like rpg games and fps are the only genre on pc besides a few platformers ( codename gordon, duke nukem 1 and 2).
  4. Gibaholic

    Who plays xbox doom?

    Anyone here play the xbox version of doom 3?
  5. Gibaholic

    Any other good games for pc besides FPS?

    Note that I said besides mmorpg.
  6. Gibaholic

    Stupid XBox D3 Questions

    Not sure, try looking at the xbox doom3 walkthrough at planetdoom.com.
  7. Gibaholic

    Scuba Steve's GIFs

    Uh ..ew? What the fuck is up with this forum? I dont think im gonna be coming back here.
  8. Gibaholic

    Doom for the Nintendo DS.

    Who knows? Maybe nintendo or activision or someone will decide to publish it as an official game for ds and sell it at like gamestop and stuff.
  9. Gibaholic

    Stupid XBox D3 Questions

    Eh the bathroom horror thing is still in the xbox one only a lot later into the game, in pc it was at the beginning and there was like a mess hall with a tv and a arcade machine and such. I never beat the pc version since I only played it at my freinds house. But the added co-op play makes up for the stuff.
  10. Gibaholic

    Who plays xbox doom?

    It's ok, it has co-op unlike the pc version. Id rather play the pc one though but I need a new computer.
  11. Gibaholic

    Reviving dogs from the dead -- humans next?

    AHAHAHA this is one of those bull shit news sites. Like world weekly news and crap, its all fake how fucking dumb can you be to beleive this shit?
  12. Uh what the fuck, all it is, is some guy singing shitty music while someone is hiding behind a door from a pinky when he has 33 bullets.
  13. Gibaholic

    New Prey video... booya!

    Now lets hope duke nukem forever will be released within at least 2 years...
  14. Gibaholic

    Whats The Story Behind Doom 3?

    Doom1's story is where demons try to invade mars and you decide to say no by filling there brains full of lead. Doom3 is like the same thing if you skip all the other shit. I like doom1's story line better though.
  15. Gibaholic

    why doom?

    Id play duke3d but no one plays it and its way to fucking bright, And its a bit cheesy , the explosions are like real life recorded explosions pasted into the game.
  16. Im sick of peta asshole's trying to save a cow that cant do anything for us besides giving its life up for food. All that peta does is bitch and everyone is pretty sick of it. They brainwash kids saying there parents are evil becuase they eat meat. I dont know about you but I didnt climb to the top of the food chain to eat a shitty ass carrot. What about human's? Its like they care more about a useless duck or a lazy ass cow more than a human.
  17. Gibaholic

    why doom?

    Becuase my computer is from walmart. Luxury for a the common man my ass.
  18. Gibaholic

    Who can NOT play D3/RoE?

    I cant, I played it at a freinds and it was as good as the original so I bought it and the expansion for when I buy a new computer which will be in about, 2 year's . It sucks but its like quake 3, when it came out you needed a 3000$ comp but now integrated s3 graphics can run it, quake 3 I mean so in like 6 years anything could run doom3 but im gettin a good job in like 2 years so I can buy an alienware or something. I wish my walmart computer could run it.
  19. Gibaholic


    Resident evil mod, doom 3 and resident evil are both scary so why not mixed into 1?
  20. Gibaholic


    Ok thanks, where can I get this from?
  21. Gibaholic


    ok it still isnt like the mod idea I have.
  22. Gibaholic


    A mod where you have your own profile and such, like you have to buy your weapons and then you can go online and battle other people, like you could buy camofluage like youd by forest camo for a jungle map. You would lose your weapon when you died like for example. I got 16000$ Ill buy 3 plasma rifles, 5 plasma cells. A chaingun, urban camofluage. A smoke grenade and a railgun. And it would be a profile so you would always have the same amount of cash. there would be the shop and then the server browser. And then secret items like stealth camo were you would be almost invisible but youd be kinda jelly and stuff. when I get a new computer im probably gonna do this mod for doom 3.