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  1. Installed for great justice, its just like Doom connector. Supports all the games doom connector had even though no one played them. This should replace the application skulltag uses for online so more people go on this. Did you tell carn?

    Oh, and do you think you guys can add support for other classic shooters like Duke3d and shadow warrior?

  2. Prey looks like the holy one for me. But I enjoy both of them. Doom3's multi prevents spawn rapage which is good. Quake 4's multi is just quake 3's which is a excuse to not have its own signature multi. Quake 4's single player was follow the green door but has its moments. Quake 4's multiplayer is a bit slow for me but im sure future patches will fix that up. I like quake 4's artwork, its none of that boring satanic goofy weird shit like in quake 3. So over all I like quake 4 single player better and I like Doom3's multiplayer better than Quake 4's. As for half life 2, there are times when your solo so its not just team play, ive yet to play its multiplayer though because all I have is the demo.

  3. ^Indeed, I cant use the bfg well but I see people use it well all the time. If your using zdaemon and skulltag with mouse look aim the rocket launcher towards the ground, and even if its just dos doom stop shooting where he was 3 seconds ago and shoot where youll think he will be 3 seconds ahead of time. Chaingun is good at medium and long range, better then any shotgun for sure. Berserk and saw just suck flat out for multiplayer (Gargh im stupid), ssg is best for close range.

    And seeing how you only played for a month you arent in any position to justify those statements.

  4. If your using ZDoom, you can just use a console command to spawn the entitys. Like I could bind mouse2 to summon an impfireball and everytime I hit mouse2 I shoot fireballs so a need for a custom wad for monster attacks isnt really needed to do enemy attacks.